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4:10The Democrats’ big American sell out
4:01Texas will not allow a hostile surge
Texas will not allow a hostile surgeGanger 246 k2 dager siden
14:54Gutfeld: Baldwin tragedy was avoidable


  • I heard it was transgender that sexually assaulted these two girls Separate assults. Peace

  • She needs to get out of America

  • Those "school board" members should be shot.

  • Still only 2 genders folks, boys shouldn't be in girls bathroom or vice versa.

  • Democrats side with transgenders, Republicans side with God and the parents, Vote Glenn Youngkin and get Right ♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I want to pick a fight with the government of China....

  • I have not, and never will, give permission to the government to alter my genes.

  • Obombya is a traitor! He was behind the globalists covid world takeover, with fauci and obiden! Satanists!

  • Where’s her brain? Blaming the police not blaming their policies.

  • Is it really smart to send Biden to talk to children. He may be "President" but he's also creepy as the next creep.

  • Wow unto them that call evil good and good evil ; that put darkness for light and light for darkness

  • The only hope is homeschooling

  • What an idiot!!

  • I’m here for this

  • That Omar thing is the quintessential ingrate. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.. What a despicable creature.

  • I really want to hear a reasonable debate on mandatory vaccines. We only ever get each side yelling their positions. Even this wasn’t a debate

  • Biden should be jailed. His priority is not Americans, but mainly vision for his extravagant deluxe wall of home.

  • Godless communist Obama can go straight to hell and take all of these loser taxpayer funded employees that did this to this child and her parents with him.

  • Our patience is running thin with this lunatic

  • Glenn yougkin for governor

  • kristen murray: "our lives are all valuable" blm: "RACIST!!!"

  • "I don't need some pretty face to tell me pretty lies" "Billy Joel"

  • To Democrats 👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟

  • But….why was his wrist near her genitalia under that skirt in the first place? What a shitty defense.

  • Geraldo getting paid grease 🪣

  • Glad he was there! It might have ended badly for his friend otherwise. 👍👏👏👏

  • When in hell are they sending her back? She can travel with her husband/brother if she doesn't want to go alone.

  • This is not left right, it's Good vs Evil

  • Obama is the chosen one.

  • 🍊🤡Let's Go Donny!💯😅

  • If Biden and his backroom Marxists want to really see a Capital Inserection, keep this Germany 1938 crap up.

  • Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. taxpayers, it’s 1.7 million boys and girls you have forcibly adopted this year.

  • 3:24 lmao he thinks 700k dead is the REAL number!!!! Lol!!!! It's more like 250k

  • Father of SEVEN?!?!?

  • See democrats get to say who stays in business.

  • Anti-vax is not the same as anti-mandate. Many who do not take the vax do not stop others taking the vax.

  • No one needs to expose Brandon's shortcomings.....they are obvious.

  • Why is the Government ( aka our tax $) paying for a fence around Biden’s personal residence anyway? We cover the White House, Camp David, etc. If Biden decides to buy 5 more houses are we required to fence them all?

  • Thank god!

  • Most drug addicted criminals are somewhat artistic…. The POTUS IS OWNED BY CHINA… Democrats = TREASON Impeach Pelosi and AOC first, then impeach Harris and Traitor Joe Biden, in that order…

  • Convention of States article 5 US Constitution never been a better time.

  • If a parent, nurse, doctor, social worker, clergy, school janitor, crossing guard, etc. suspects a sexual assault has occurred to a child, they can be charged if they fail to report it but teachers dont? How stupid is that?

  • Youngkin must win! We have to get control back of America.

  • Don't forget that dem's have election theft down to a fine-tuned science.

  • She must think she's safe

  • So did they get caught ?

  • So glad to see Luke Rosiak on NOwine! He should be more frequently reporting on any issue he's been digging deeper. Since he's been one of the Great Journalists in our time to FIND & TELL THE TRUTH as it is.

  • Joy and Whoopi are Anti White.

  • Americans grab your guns go to the southern border and support our troops and border protection gaurds and defend our nation from criminals invading and arrest biden for treason

  • Wow this is appalling! The school board should resign immediately, and Obama needs to shut the h*ll up!

  • Is taking the jab like asking people to jump

  • Vote for Biden and get branded by him. Am I the same only one seeing this? All of these BLM riots are backfiring on them.

  • Isn’t his daughter in the pictures with Hunter? Hmm that’s what I heard!

  • It is really as simple as that Idiot says. ALL NYC police and fire department personnel should walk off the job and let the city burn to the ground in riots and looting.

  • How many or left JAJA JAJA two or three AH'S JAJA JAJA

  • Monster energy should reach out to him

  • Well the US better use their guns....🤷🤷

  • Joan Rivers died of natural causes after claiming Michele Obama was a man. Obama did not have relations with Larry Sinclair.

  • mr west shouldnt try to debate candice she knows what shes talking about; just more racist nonsense,,,

  • Are there any other states coming to help?

  • Great job Laura America will improvise and overcome this garage that is going on

  • He was always a monster. It’s just America is dumb and never noticed it before

  • Leaving for Europe, let’s hope he doesn’t come back.

  • No one is vaccinated. You can still get Covid you morons.

  • Sorry Jeraldo, vaccinated people should feel safe. I mean, they’re vaccinated right?

  • I don't know if he is cognisant enough to even lie.

  • Unpopular opinion: The "unvacinated" is just another term for "people afraid of needles".

  • Comrade Biden needs to know "My body, my choice" is not just for taking life through abortions.

  • GERALDO is always an idiot 😤👎

  • Yep IIhan Omar is the democract version of Louie Goomer.

  • wow what a fiasco

  • Time to invest into a new school & curriculum. This just makes me sick! Obama had no right to stick his two cents into this area. If that happen to either of his girls, watch out. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  • LMAO. This made my day

  • When is he going to the border? Looks like he has a lot of time. Ya, ya!

  • Geraldo must go, tell him to go check out a empty safe, idiot.