Gabby Petito case: Why Brian Laundrie has not been charged

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Mark Eiglarsh reveals if the coroner revealed any details that would help the Petito homicide case on 'Your World'
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  • He. Didnt

  • No. He. Ant. Guilty

  • Arrests the parents problem sloved

  • WHITE PRIVILEGE helped Brian get away!!!

  • The "high IQ" Floridian "conservatives" were too busy "protecting his rights" that they let the mf-er get away. Good job ensuring his "freedom" now he is GONE!👍🏾

  • I believe that his parents, to say the least, knew that Brian was odd as a teenager. It's been reported that his high school peers stated that he was obese and that he was an outcast. It was also stated that as a result of being an odd one out, he developed deep seeded resentments. His parents, as well as his sister, had to of know he had behavior problems and or a creepy personality. No one who kills another has a squeaky clean past. Has any professional out there conducted any further research as to who Brian was in school, jobs, etc. to sum up what he was like when he was younger which led to what he became as a young adult? We'd like to know.

  • You all giving out a lot of info that helps him hideout more

  • How do you know he really was the murdered?

  • Put that creep down in his fckn laundry parents

  • how do you know? nobody knows if he is alive or dead

  • So this guy is kind of slow . Throttling means strangled by hands .

  • Osama bin Laden: Finally a worth opponent

  • If Laundrie is dead I wont believe it until we see that devils body. As for the parents oh well that's their problem and their fault for not helping him confess from the beginning

  • his parents aren't hiding him obviously if not they wouldve called within hours to tell the police he could be suicidal. What parent waits day if they think their child is suicidal?

  • Yes. A third. Person. I. Betya

  • Not. Brain

  • Third. Person

  • That. Is. Right. A. Third. Petson

  • There. We're. Other. People. In. Wy. Areas. Wy. That. Defently. Could. Have. Killed. Her. Remember. This. Too

  • He is an out door person he will not go alive.

  • DNA they should know if he killed her?

  • Because Florida

  • dirty laundry aint dead, dog the bounty hunter is gonna sic im !

  • 100% The most accurate analysis of this case I've heard to date

  • I’m so confused what is happening

  • *Narcissists DO NOT commit suicide* They love themselves too much!

  • NOT a Fentynal overdose??? "I can't breath ..... I can't breath ..... I can't breath" "Say her name ..... Say her name ..... Say her name!" ♤OmegaPerfectStorm! LuvQ'all! 888girl!

  • I heard his parents told the FBI that they think he’s in that reserve. The FBI spends lots of money searching the reserve…and he’s sighted on the Appalachian trail. So the FBI keep searching the reserve. I think the parents sent them on a wild goose chase!

  • I hope I’m wrong, but I think this whole thing is gonna be a rerun of the Casey Anthony trial. It’s hard to obtain smoking gun evidence to convict someone when the victim’s body has been decomposing for weeks

  • Because the fbi are domestic terrorists who protect criminals like this

  • I can't even fathom what type of sicko it takes to wrap his hands around the neck of that beautiful young woman! This is one of those times that I just think all of humanity is disgusting


  • They can’t physicaly proove he was he was the one who strangled her

  • The coroner did state it was strangulation by human force NOT mechanical force.

  • Hell, he's in another country and living it up.

  • All the evidence they have they not showing cause the other lawyer will fine a reason to find him not guilty

  • He killed them two girls to

  • He with the lawyer in one of his places or his mom knows where he at. He still alive

  • "Did he do it?" DUH. Of course he did.

  • this guy sound like joel olsteen!! hahaha

  • Man you need to chill with that make up

  • When she was in the van . She made all suggestions that she was choked motions that she had been in a fight, in a fight now with that being said, any other female or male would have been taken to jail not release

  • If he goes to Mexico they'll bring him in.

  • I think he's dead

  • I would absolutely retire from practice before being forced to defend that satanic influenced snot wad…..

  • He is innocent until proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. People seem to forget that. It’s scary how they also seem to forget that if things change to where everyone is guilty until proven innocent, we will be living in a terrifying world!

    • We already are living in a terrifying world- but just wait until the coming 7 year tribulation. It'll be many times worse than it is now.

  • Could he be hiding out with a family member or friend? He had plenty of time to get away.

  • Brian? You better be glad I ain't no cop. But my Uncle was a Lt in detective devision. I guess maybe I should followed in his footsteps. Brian don't step foot in NC

  • There might still be something in the storage facility that brian overlooked. I would focus my investigations there

  • I'll tell you why, because they helped him get away.

  • She was strangled and there is no other DNA present, but Brian's. There you are.

  • I pray that the criminals will receive harsh punishment in this world and that they will keep each other’s company in hell.

  • No way he's dead.

  • His parents sent the federal buffoons in-charge on a goose chase through the swamp while they put him on a jet out of the country

  • They should stick this guy along with chris watts in a cage with 2 lions high on angel dust

  • honestly I don't care and I don't know why anyone else does

    • ​@D. Morse I keep getting these recommended to me regardless of whether or not i'm logged in. Not my fault the media moguls want to shove this story down our throats

    • then why are you here on this video? you lying?

  • They can’t charge him until they have absolutely everything….. Brian isn’t dead…. He is too big of coward. He is alive and well and his family knows it… that’s why he ran!!! That’s why he lawyered up!!! That’s why he ignored her parents and that’s why he is running because he is going to jail…. He loves his life wayyyy to much…. If he was dead he would have killed him self right after he killed Gabby….. If she has his DNA under her nails such as blood and cells that’s enough to prove he did it… that’s totally different than touch DNA…. Of course she would have his DNA on him…. But Not his blood and cells…. I’m almost positive he will never be found…. I’m willing to bet that I’ll lick the wal mart floor if he is found…. He has weeks to plan his escape and he has people helping him along the way more than just mama and daddy!!!!!

  • Forensic pathologist was .brought in. They deal with remains...bones

  • Simple, he's White

  • Same reason Trump wasn't arrested for dodging the draft and being on Jeffrey Epstien's private island, because he's white. People arrested and charged R Kelly in months, meanwhile this murderer is roaming free. Because they are white

    • Same reason the black guy who killed Officer David Dorm was not charged? Same reason why the black cop who killed babbit was not charged?

  • Can somebody please put his parents in an interrogation room and pressure the crap Out of them or something????!!! Since they let him run away can they at least do that!!

  • Hardest crimes to solve or yt on ytc rrimes.

  • if bryan's family was black they would had stormed in and shot anyone and tore down the entire house looking for him.

  • The reporters need to ask poignant questions to break parents silence. Like, is Brian mentally sick- not I’ll say sick- that is inflammatory - make them talk. They don’t seem like grieving parents of a lost child- who would be crying on all media begging for him to come home so they d know he is ok or begging for everyone s help- not stone cold

  • I love how we have as a society have perverted human morality through timetables, bureaucracy and money. It's name is Justice.

  • There's not enough evidence. And there never will be

  • The dirty laundries helped him escape.

  • It is so sad how Gabby died. This man should be kept alive and tortured for life. If nobody is up for the task, I volunteer.

  • What a failure on America's justice system! Cannot call a suspect a suspect, Cannot interrogate the questionable parents. pretty soon this will become another cold case if nothing changes!

  • What a failure on America's justice system! Cannot call a suspect a suspect, Cannot interrogate the questionable parents. pretty soon this will become another cold case if nothing changes!

  • Because the law is stupid.

  • Anyone check North Port PD’s history on their level of incompetence. Just search NOrth Port PD on NOwine. You can see why these idiots botched their handling of the petito case. These guys aren’t cops, they’re a bunch of idiots with guns.

  • Like his parents sold a bunch of properties since last month. Odd? Nothing to it? Think about it and other's who paid millions and their sons never set a foot in the court of law or prison. There's a good reason why Brian is a con artist narcissist. And he knew he would get a way with it, even now, although he may never thought they'd ever find her in time. The story of Brian living off the grid is a fabrication. He wouldn't survive and prob even he knows that.

  • Anyone think his parents got him out of the country??

  • There’s no other person who killed her Brain did it but knowing the system they’ll let him go the way our Country is going n the idiot President we have any one that gets killed just bury them anyway they don’t do anything about it no one cares about life anymore SO SAD🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • He has not been charged cuz he is innocent.

  • He is a coward! Deserves all the karma possible...his family too.

  • I think he’s dead too. Good.

  • Brian is in California Yosemite National Park, Mexico or at a relatives or friends house 💯💯

  • This is playing out just like the casey Anthony case. Their hiding that man somewhere

    • Casey Anthony parents were the ones who wanted a wellness check...

  • Wow seeing so many guys in these comments who sound like Brian. Oh, she's the crazy one... She was the instigator...He got sick of her abuse... No wonder so many women get killed by their partners. You egotistical sociopaths always want to blame women for making you angry. How bout break up if she's so crazy? Same goes for women who are with guys like you..Run the other way. Seriously, so many disgusting pricks in this world.

  • He had better be found by the police. Any other citizen will rip him apart.

  • I disagree. He is not dead. Just wants people to think he's dead. He is holed up in someones basement or fallout shelter where someone brings him stuff once a week. No one can live in a swamp and be wet all day, everyday without getting foot rot. He will eventually leave and get caught, just back off and let him come out of hiding in the next 6 months.

  • I agree with everything you say ...

  • Parents would react differently if they thought he was dead!,

  • I think the parents are still helping him and should be charged with assisting in hiding evidence.

    • You should be charged for defamation! You neither I know exactly what's going on. So shut up and let them figure out what's going on

    • Can only be charged with a crime committed prove they are helping him then we can talk about “charges” that’s not how the legal system works sorry.

  • How is this possible????

  • Why? Cuz hes white.

    • @Gadol Elohai just like you. 😊

    • It's because he's a ❄

  • so Brian didn't fall for FBI/police tricks... lol

  • Since when does FBI handle murders

    • since the creation of the FBI. Gabby was murdered on Federal owned land.

  • Brian's parents and police would like everyone to think he's dead so the search would stop

  • He isn't dead he has been on the internet again. Get some boots on the ground (smoky mountains area) where he was spotted.

  • It doesn’t start until he is taken into custody

  • Was she sexually assaulted? where is this DNA coming from?

  • He prolly wear mask and sunglasses everywhere he goes. Gonna be difficult to find him. I bet he's gonna turn himself in before he's Copped

    • @M&M Didn't know that. Legacy media should point that out repeatedly so people be mindful of.

    • Watch for the duck walk. He can’t hide that.

  • like OJ Simpson

  • It breaks my heart that we are at this point in time where the media and the people just want justice so badly for this case but were continuously just watching the authorities announce that he's only a person of interest and not a suspect. 90% of people keeping up with this would say brian and his family are SUSPICIOUS in their behaviors period. He is definitely a suspect in the case. hands down no question. . And everyone in a powerful position here is pretending like he's still a missing boy just gone camping in the swamps ? He was never missing. But anyway. Has anyone in the general public seen brian lately ? Appalachians? Canada? Mexico?. no one will just forget about this. maybe mom and dad will want to take a road trip . And maybe. people will still be watching. Following screaming. listening Sounds exhausting when Literally you could say anything at this point and make yourself look a little better. Your well kept silence is already wrapping cuffs around your wrists.

  • So much doesn't add up about this... it's like watching a movie.

    • This is like a horror film more like it. Dude needs to turn himself in already. 2021 news went from being nothing but talk about Corona to Brians dirty laundry

  • Stupid. They need to put him and his parents in jail.

  • No need to hide. Now days he just need to wear a mask and he can be anywhere.