High school student arrested for defying mask mandate

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Laramie High School Grace Smith and her father Andrew Smith react to the suspension and arrest following daughters decision to break mask mandate rule

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  • Unbelievable!

  • Amazing Grace. Go get 'em girl.

  • Way to go adults. Push your fear onto this child and tarnish her record at such a young age. I hope you are proud of yourselves. I truly hope this will not impact her chances of getting into a college or getting a job. I have tried so hard to understand all views and all people's opinions the past two years, but this is awful.

  • locked her in the lunchroom.....then wrote her for trespassing....then arrested...... ya nah ya nah

  • IF THE AMBUSHES,do not begin soon,GODS JUDGEMENT WILL BEGIN ON AMERICA,and you do not want that,STOP BEING COWARDS....

  • SOON YOUR HERO"S WILL BE GOING DOOR TO DOOR ,forcing the JAB on everyone,IF THE MEN DO NOT STAND UP AGAINST THESE DEVILS THEY CALL HERO"S,YOUR COUNTRY WILL BE GONE,and the WAR will be begin on you,and your family,REMEMBER THEY ALL WORK FOR SATAN..don't learn it the hard way...

  • This tyrannical government will never go away

  • They have gotten this far with this ridiculous mask mandates they should just implement marshall law and get It over with. This world is getting crazier😵 as time goes by.

  • Lawsuit

  • But...."white privilege?"

  • Sue the communists. Let's go Brandon.

  • Worse than actually criminals i swear Fox News can’t ever get any more racist go look at real news not this cap

  • This is crazy

  • I am so glad I'm not in school anymore, and I'm glad I don't have to go to school anymore. This mask thing wasn't a thing when I was in elementary, Jr high, and high school. What was a thing was, no smoking in the rest rooms. If you were caught smoking in the rest rooms, you were taken to the principal's office and given a lecture, then sent home. This mask thing doesn't make any sense.

  • I don't blame the police for handcuffing her. You can tell by just looking at her she is very dangerous and a potential treath.

  • what an outrage! something has to change! good for you for standing up!!

  • Interesting situation, not gonna say more than that to avoid any kind of political wars.

  • America is such a hypocrisy country.

  • Time to show who's boss

  • So proud of her May more arise

  • How can you arrest a MINOR, for a non enacted law?! This is 100% AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION!! SUE!!!

  • Try to force me you’ll catch a knife in the throat

  • Love it

  • Don't arrested her just send her home and let her parents know she will be home school from this day forward until the lasted week of school I solve the problem that fast.

  • Thank you for being brave an strong to you an your parent’s. I smell a law suit here

  • Is there a go fund me page for this young lady

  • Głupota i absurd sięgnął kosmosu.

  • Good for this young lady. This is insanity- show me a law that says people have to wear a mask. This is a public school not a private establishment. Policies and guidelines do not equal LAW. Shame on everyone involved including the local police for arresting this girl. Bunch of goofballs.

  • Despicable child abusive indoctrination camp shame shame shame

  • "unnecessary use of force"

  • The school should have taken care of it with their own staff and security. What happened to being sent to the principals office? This is an overreach, and absolutely wrong of the school.

  • Brave Kid.

  • they use fetus tissue for the vaccine !

  • Couldn't she charged school officials with kidnapping when they locked her up?

    • No, because she kept returning after she was asked to leave. So they locked her there because the police told her to until they got there to arrest her.

  • Those cops should be fired we as law enforcement supporters should rally like blm and get these bad actors in policing

  • You go girl! Incredible how these lib schools will let boys go in girls bathrooms because they “identify “ but if a student refuses to adhere to sheer stupidity- SHE is the threat and should be arrested. They need to send the school staff and board to jail

  • She is smart and sweet! Not like some other activists that are ignorant and violent!

  • People should take their kids out of government schools. Then the schools will not get the government money that they crave! The schools are ruled by their dependance on government money.

  • Oh come on! When I was in school they sent kids home if they werent dressed properly.

  • So because she refused to block her vital airways and stood up for her right to breath, she was arrested by police that were not wearing a mask themselves??? These school officials AND the police involved should be arrested for child abuse and violating her Constitutional right to breath!

  • Ppls right not to wear a mask is far more important than other ppls right to live. Im self entitled so i truelly believe this bs.

  • I am here with you !!!!!!!! 🔥❤️🕯️🔥❤️🕯️🔥❤️🕯️🔥❤️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️

  • God said you cannot serve two masters. So I wouldn't obey them either they're not my master...

  • But its about your health right?🥴

  • dumb antimaskers L

  • Wow I understand a business that has the right to decide to enforce mask mandates or not because well it's not the publics place to tell a business what they can or cant do since the public didn't create or pay taxes on it but a school? Arresting a student really?! first of all a school is funded by our tax dollars. Perhaps I would understand more if it was more of like an in-school write up situation (would still be too extreme in my opinion) but to arrest this young girl?! Im almost positive there are a lot of law enforcement that don't bide by the mask mandates and if you look at 01:34 the officer are wearing mask lol

  • It’s such a sham the school has a mask mandate but the police officers that are taking her do not. Are we in a pandemic or are we not? You can’t chose where it spreads

  • Let's go Brandon!!

  • Good..... Lock her up show her jail isnt fun

  • If it was my class of 2011 we wouldn't have tolerated this at all. It would have been a huge joke and we would have skipped school. That was only ten years ago. Lets go brandon minnesota

  • Those officers are disgraceful 🇨🇦

  • No school can lock up a student. I smell a lawsuit.

  • We need boondock saint people doing gods work this is utterly bs this tyrannt corrupt people in power are abusing

  • Down with the Fascists in the Democrat Party

  • Off with their heads!

  • Yall remember when Biden promised us weed in the first 100 days and that he would never enforce a mask mandate? I member.

  • GOD be with those standing up for our rights. He will set everything straight one day. Evil people have it coming …

  • Pull all kids out of school

  • This is insane. Who the hell does this satanic government think they are? Good for her standing up for our rights.

  • My question is, has anybody been arrested or detained even for threatening to shoot someone over not wearing a mask?, or is it just the girl not wearing a mask that's a threat? Srange and sad times we're living in.

  • Law suits for this freaking criminals

  • Why is this news Wyoming has a population of 5 thousand who cares… why doesn’t she stay home with daddy.


  • Disobedience🤪

  • Wish more MEN&WOMEN in this country had courage like this little girl. Time to start pushing back everyone!

  • Interesting… The left sees this as justice, and they will cheer the police to this… how the turn tables.

  • Americans need to stop going to work and start getting pissed at government officials

  • IN DEFENSE of the school system- Those administrators make a hell of a lot of money and,thus, must continuously nuzzle the deep state butt. This little loose cannon American citizen is thwarting the whole DEAL.....

  • Crazy

  • Go Grace!!!

  • Let's gp Brandon!

  • Off-topic props to father for raising a good daughter that dresses modestly today young female be dressing like they work at a club.

  • Raise your kids properly to have minds of their own, do not let them conform to this new world order of tyranny and inability to see people’s faces. It’s time to fight for the old word order and fight for your rights.


  • Good for her standing up for our rights!

  • She is braver than most politicians. Way to go GRACE!

  • If your Reading Great Job Young Lady 😎💪🖒🇺🇸

  • what state is this in australia? north korea? china?

  • The father nailed it..Mayors, police chiefs, cops and teachers unions are the real disease...I would sue anyone i could because these scumbags that made that call must pay..Bunch of wimps with badges that demand their freedom but get paid to jinx yours...Crooooks...

  • Hooray for Grace! 😄

  • And this is why my kids homeschool now 🤍 Penn foster people it is a great education and it's affordable. My kids are so much happier and their stress level is pretty much obsolete.

  • I thought the schools were fu.ked up in my day, but I am sick of schools thinking they are the law, hope they all burn in hell

  • Fascist false imprisonment

  • How much longer are we really gonna let this freakin crap go on! This is way way beyond ridiculous an outrageous!!!


  • My police arresting people now.

  • Are poor fathers are rolling over in there Graves we need more Americans with back bones stand your ground people and what u believe in

  • Shout out to the father for allowing her to exercise her rights . 🙌

  • theres always 2 sides of a story and this here is only one sided would like to hear the other

  • I'm shocked this is in WY!

  • If she was black, they wouldn't mess with her

  • I am proud of her as well.More power to you!-smiley face-

  • Good for them for thinking for themselves and doing what they feel is right to take a stand in.

  • I would hire my lawyer and line em up and file a lawsuit...cashmeoutside



  • This is how they’re trying to break us down to submit. Way to go girl for standing up against BS mandates that make ZERO sense. An ARREST for just being a normal human going to class?? They treat her like a pathogen when there’s no evidence for her even being sick. These masks have made people absolutely delusional. Maybe this will start a series of protests like this. Maybe others at her school will do the same until there’s no students to teach. Then what? No funding left for them and then they’d have no choice but to let them back. Keep it up Grace 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • This is so stupid. Arresting a student for not wearing a mask which doesn't work anyway. College and NFL stadiums have been packed for two months with very very few wearing masks. As far as I know these have not resulted in super spreader events. Furthermore, how many politicians pushing this crap have been caught at events with no masks. Hypocrites!!! This is nothing but government control of the population. I applaud this young lady for standing up.

  • Go Girl props to you all the way from FL ...