Ric Grenell issues stern warning: 'China is coming for us'

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell says the U.S. has to make changes to how it deals with the China cybersecurity 'crisis' facing the country.

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  • He seems like the problem.

  • Simple fund the Uighurs in Xinjiang let them do their thing

  • China is doing the exact same thing that the U.S. did after WW2. Only on a smaller scale, like minut ! If the U.S. and her allies go to the aid of Taiwan, then it's going to be ww3. So, it won't really matter because most of us will be dead anyways. China is only trying to get a better foot hold on economics. I totally 100% do not agree with the way there going forward with it, for example the 7 islands that they've made and fortified with anti aircraft weapons and runways for there airforce, but what are we truly supposed to do about it? Will be all dead and the governments will live on in there underground installation.

  • Dont believe the hype that china is getting ahead of us in terms of AI technology. They are like 30 years behind us. Their kids are no where near our kids in IQ , math and science. You can go to sleep and wake up 30 years later and still you are ahead of China in terms of technology. We are no. 1.

  • It's going to be hard to find muscle when there's a dork pushing transhumanism and transsexualism inside the big house. Our very existence depends on men and women of integrity without compromise. You know, like it used to be! God help America.

  • From History we learn that nothing has ever stopped a falling civilization from falling and an uprising one from rising, no matter what. Chine is already many steps ahead.

  • This is what America should focus on instead of wasting billions trying to format minds of the Afghan people to adopt western ways of living.

  • What language are they speaking?


  • THE USA AND CANADA.. Need to come up with a law and take a step back in time To about 1940's and WW2. That states. It must be Built and Produced on this CONTIENT!! Everything from Clothing, Metal to the toys that come to your kids home. No Out Sourcing to Forgien Countries With Complete oppisite Moral Standards. No Matter how much money a corperation might save. We will do away with the back log of things stuck in the ocean shipping chain as we see now at this point in our Histroy. We will gain Security of Goods and Food production.

  • Mitch McConneell who grew up in Alabama and Kentucky married a Chinese woman. Who's father was a former chairman of the ccp, and his sister in law is a board member of the Bank of China. Based off these relationships alone he wouldn't qualify for a Top secret security clearance.. Yet he's one of the most powerful people in politics.

  • FOX news… you are just as fake as CNN, and many fake platform news agency! Hey Americans… aren’t these the same ppl that told u Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?! Didn’t these ppl ask you guys to support the war in Afghanistan?! Oh God help you ppl in the United Stakes! Freedom of Hypocrisy, Land of the Greed, Home of the Grave! A nation built on wars, war mongering, threats, lies, cheating, spying on allie’s, division, hate, rage, racism, fascism, imperialism, guns, missiles, bombs, and slavery!

  • All I know is deku inu is cashing checks get your funds up

  • Good and we’ll be waiting.

  • Like in thr "Red Dawn" movie😑😤😔 and biden is an Old senile imbecil

  • stop putting manufacturing in china.. at least put it in mexico or any south east asian countries


    • Not even remotely close...you'd like to believe that but we all know different...on that note though, I will take your bet any day of the week, you stick with that side and see how far you can make it before you tap out.

  • F*^@k You BIden in 2024. We going get TRUMP BACK !!

  • In this era of Facebook politics, and a president that can incite a capital riot, I fear there will be more Asian hate. ITS NOT CHINA, it’s the suppressive CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP) it’s time we stop being hopeful and start getting logical and less naive to the war we are already, and have been for quite some time. You don’t always need missile to take down a state.

  • We need to be prepareing for attack from china

  • Here is a real warning, the KING is coming.

  • We need change yes we do China is smart very smart we shouldn't defend on one overseas they want that to happen and focus more on south America and Middle America mexicano cheap labor perfect for all of us maybe combined all America focus together will be a good idea don't for get Canada Venezuela Colombia Cuba exzeterra this side of the world

  • This guy is paranoid!

  • I mean fentanyl just keeps pouring in

  • Can we at least agree the US and Europe (working together) could and would wipe China off of the map if required.

  • Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - USA. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Africa. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - India. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - East Asia. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - South America. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Canada. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in the Carribbean. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - China. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Australia. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - New Zealand. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Vietnam. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Libya Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Palestine. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Myanmar. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Singapore. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Middle East. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Afghanistan. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Philippines. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Pakistan. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - Bangladesh. Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in - The Whole Planet.

  • We have got to live in peace, can all the news report happiness instead U.S. is the biggest consumer of Chinese goods manufactured in In The Central County... Why would xi jing ping go after us. Let's talk about peace,

  • China has been at war with us since the CCCP creation.

  • I’m sorry but America doesn’t have the ⚽️ anymore

  • DemoRats broke USA

  • FJB…

  • They own half the land and some real estate. 96 ports worldwide. You can google this. Trade Treaty in 2001 with bush as president. Then clinton making the big deal. Allou factories and companies started moving to asian countries and nothing was done to stop it. China joe is lying. All this is to tell the american people you will be communist nation whether u like it or not. They wasnt going to let trump back in. He wouldnt go along with their plan. They sold us out that is all you can say. Bet they got those missles pointed at us now. Tiawain will fall. China wanted them out of afghanistan and out they come. They're buddy up to them for a trade route. I'd say they're afraid of china. China owns all the news stations but fox

  • If we start manufacturing here again, we would drop our living standards and live and work as the Chinese do. So, we must force the Chinese to continue manufacturing everything and give them to us for free. If we don't start the draft here and Vietnam War there again, we truly are done. Get your children ready to go to Vietnam, and get your credit cards out and buy guns. BTW, I'm a US citizen and NRA member.

  • Preferred nation trade status for China is coming back to haunt us (like I knew it would).

  • Why do we kniw this years agobut this guys in pentagon just declaring it.they need to opt their game🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why do these idiots at Fox keep scare mongering people. There's no way China can be above the United States, no way. I have been in China; they can hardly feed themselves.

  • Wait wasn't the quote just about AI? Cyber is a pretty sweeping statement Fox

  • Keep praying. War will end soon. Time to invest assets.

  • America is dead because it's a joke! Time to move out soon!

  • Why are you worried ? USA has alien friends

  • Just keep your finger on the red button USA. No matter how big or dangerous a country may get. It can't out run the US nuclear arsenal

  • China steal tech. From whom? Alien? Get ur story straight

  • Repent

  • Doing business with China has allowed China to financially grow in all aspects, especially and foremost their military. We helped fund one of our countries biggest threats. They are the big dog, we are the meat on the bone, almost all gone.

  • The earth is flat ! Nothing round but deez

  • Why 30 40 years ago too many n many US businesses moved to China that was causing China economy growth up quickly to become great country now want fighting any nation including USA ……. Must push China back like before

  • They want our 🍯

  • We are Americans and we're proud that we stole the lands from the American natives, after we genocided the Apaches, the Sioux and the Brave Eagles.

  • Lies this is nothing but manufacturing consent

  • 86 billion worth of military equipment left in Afghanistan. Can we get that back on our Southern border???? Duhhhhh....also how about spending 86 billion on cyber security!!!!

  • We should already be at War . 🇨🇳 released China 19 . Also they are working on new viruses that attack certain races ...hello!!!!

  • All China has to do is stop its toilet paper export to America and watch America go into a complete panic frenzy. 2020 Proved that already.

  • Sensitive information has no business In china.

  • American made a Chinese to rise up now you are saying how to stop to them. I guess it’s too late to think about it which you already have to think before 20 years back.

  • Its because the u.s. companies have moved their businesses to China. We are Chinese. And we don't even know it.

  • China do nothing to you ppl from Us..all is gov lies🙄

  • Already did

  • this is caused by the Greedy Wall Streeters and there too big to fails again,. on top of bumbling politics of both parties

  • Land Land Land....

  • RINOS & Socialist party chi com sellouts

  • They have a space craft that can glide on the ground like a ufo

  • We are all done with Biden

  • It’s either War or War.

  • Remember simple math,1.4billion vs 300million trading market,who benefits.

  • Just cultivating arrogance,jealousy and threats.

  • Face it people in the USA Today are lazy lol we have hit that mark so many years ago...

  • We're all going down!

  • May god bless China and stop using red book!


  • Sad reality

  • Please just take the Democrats…we don’t need them at all

  • Dare Biden? US has a tired leader chosen.

  • Free Democrat Nations choosing to trade with a hostile, manipulative, lying a communist regime and expecting it to turn out all fine and rosy is extremely naive, if not dangerous.

  • I honestly think we should make it a law that no business may operate in the United States or any of its territories if they conduct business in a country who’s government contributes to violations of Basic Human Rights.

  • People just don't like the social politics because you don't want to agree with what going on even if we were more socialist like Biden would have wanted, they are all practically asking for water in the most Taoist the ways for the most Buddhist of things and the news is willing to swing Well if people need the communism for the financial profits involved and how we like to use and abuse China for its no trust in issues, why is Russia involved with it's a scandal if you pretty much gave everything away trying to make a video game about and agent name 47, the the max he sold giving away and selling the idea of Hitman as a video game. Would it be weird if he ran for president?maybe we can make something like Bitcoin for the dept the gain becoming a democracy and swinging against their own thing as a way to appealing to ideas that we all as a group already agree with, We can make rap music a thing, all you have to do is watch the news right in extremely fast rap song for every word that you saw, send it to NOwine, and then everyone could guess for this offspoken heresy that China already agrees with is a thing and as a group we can profit from an original swing I think if heresy all day when I talk about the word 'mean' can still mean your mad but still for the 'event for'" sequencing" be that argument you want when you really 'mean' something,

  • He's the wrong one in office for that

  • Biden can hardly talk strait

  • what we need is walls everywhere

  • It's not China coming to you, US going there to show muscles.Dumb idea

  • Congress is so weak and beholding to the CCP. It's pathetic.

  • "This is not a republican/democrat issue, it's China issue" No, it's definitely the same thing. Democrats are strong supporters of communism, and the sad part is most of them don't even know it because of our education system and corrupt media.

  • They told us that years ago that China was catching up to us.. We never listened.

  • Fake news

  • Lol America is 60 years ahead of everyone. Just shut china down grow some balls.

  • The only way US companies can do business in China is to give some ownership of the company to China. They just did it hard with a SSD company. China some how got 51%, took over the company, fired all the original owners and changed the name. They are now calling it "Chinese tech"...how many other companies fell after they wanted to do business in China?

  • Everybody is panicking after they voted Biden in LMFAO! U did this! Now let anarchy begin and the fall of the government! Mark my words that's where we're going and I'm not worried I'll fight till the end no matter who it is! Come get me sumamabitches! Let's get it!!!! 💥💥💥💥💥

  • U get for what u vote for hopefully yall make better decisions 2024

  • They own us what you talking about they coming 😆

  • America was so naive before the WWII :( We should fight against China but Not Japan ! FDR liberal made a Big mistake ! Why did we made a big mistake against Japan ? Why did we made a restriction of doing trade with Japan? Real enemy was China not Japan. ! We made China so big monster !! FDR was an evil and communists were working with him 🇨🇳😱🤬🥶🥵😡 Russia 🇷🇺! So Japan wouldn’t have attacked Pearl Harbor! Remember not to made a big mistake this time !!!! Never drop Atoms on Children & ladies that was against The law :(

  • We've been sold out🤔


  • Trump wins by a landslide 2024

  • This is interesting!

  • I don’t want to see anymore virus guy,tap can binh China

  • China would do a better job of running this country than it is being run. China likes makers not takers. They could cure the homeless problem overnight. They could win the war on drugs overnight.

  • Just think all of China's ships are docked across America's whole west cost line, who's to say out of all those ships there's not 1,2 skip a few nuclear missiles on those ships ready to fire at America. Remember China make all electronics we use in our military weapons u can't tell me they don't have technology that the rest of the world can't detect Them!

  • Americans wont even go back to work. What makes us think we have a chance against china?

  • Lmso anybody believe this fool you crazy

  • Cat eaters are coming

  • China is just minding its own business. USA should deal with itself and the rampant corrupted military industrial complex