Ingraham: CNN accidentally exposes the fraud of critical race theory

Publisert 13. okt.. 2021
Laura Ingraham urges parents to stand up against the ‘propaganda’ in their children’s curriculums.

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  • What that guy is not saying is that it’s not *educators* parents object to; it’s *woke activists masquerading as educators.* Just as you would not trust a litigator to build your deck, parents don’t trust activists to teach their kids. Activists are not neutral-they are not teaching kids, just as they are not producing news journalism.

  • ³

  • Just wanted to comment , that there are still schools(well rated/high in standard) that still have competent and qualified educators that can teach our children. My child goes to one. My wife has been (as well as a lot of our family) pretty heavily involved , for several years.Anyway; my point is we have loved all of or daughters teachers , and our daughter is very smart and does very well, and is also well versed, with justified opinions, and actually very respectful and well versed for her age, and my point is that I wanted people to know that this isn't just every school out there. If that helps anyone.

  • History,.just read the Bible..insest..slavery. Read the Bible it should be out of school.. actually read it..

  • Corporations better smarten up. CRT is racism. The populace knows this. Soon. The corporations will pay in lost profits and when they do we will sue them for abandoning their fiduciary responsibility to us the share holders.

  • Stop being right all of the time, Laura.

  • You all DONT KNOW anything about education or life in general. You are like the blind leading the blind. idiots.

  • This is sickening.

  • He's a bag of hot air who basically doesn't want anyone to question his BS. Sack the twat, he is a danger to society. We used to lock people like him away and we need to continue in that vein.


  • Where tf are all the LGBTQ and BLM comments?

  • I believe, this is wrong am black but this is really wrong...... We all human before anything else....u can't tell a child white is evil black is excuses for that

  • These people said more racist than most people are the ones that are trying to push racism are the ones that are racist

  • They say that we should put more trust in them they're trying to teach our children to go against our values it's up to the parents to teach what values they want our children to have it is not up to the schools the school said they had to teach math writing and arithmetic and science

  • I would argue CNN isn't worth watching

  • "Came prepared with tabbed reading materials", seems kayleigh McEnnany rubbed off on her :p well done!

  • . Bulsheivic Beetlejuice needs to go ... .

  • Notice the way they present themselves like a cult trying to recruit people.

  • 1.9 k down vote 🐑

  • People should start realizing that the Critical Race Theory doesn't work. What works is Holistic Mutuality and Cooperative Merit Structure Theory.

  • So tired of these fake people. They are not intelligent and merely propagandists. Shout them down and silence them at every opportunity

  • This school system in the USA is the worst type of teaching that one could possibly endure. I finally was able to start getting mathematics down, but they wouldn't let me continue, and forced me to graduate without it! I am 59 now and the ONLY education I regard is my own self-taught studies, and the Book by Napoleon Hill, that No Household should be without, 'Laws of Success'. It is the knowledge that you a child needs to be productive and live the American Dream. Without it, your children will be the slaves and followers of communism. Your children are being DESIGNED to be slaves and continue to be Ignorant! Wake up!!

  • Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Know nothing about education? Really?? Is that why kids are failing miserably? Is this why American kids are falling way behind other countries and you say parents know nothing about education? They know one thing!! The education system in this country is a total failure!!

  • God they are so racist against poor hard working white s

  • Charter school!!

  • End public unions

  • The unhinged lefties always resemble lizard people

  • Thank you for this video Ingraham. !!!

  • Kazique Prince probably couldn't spell his name right until... well, he probably still can't spell it correctly.

  • That black man says parents need to hadn responsibility to the "professionals," well guess what BUD, those "professionals" r payed for by PARENTS! Therefore, they ABSOLUTELY deserve a say in what their children r learning abt, + they can EASILY pull their kids out of schools and homeschooling them. He also mentions parents often have no experience in education WHICH IS Y THEY PAY PPL TO TEAC THEIR KIDS! That doesn't mean the "pros" don't need to care what the parents say, employees can't JUST work the way they want to, their bosses, managers, employers and others who GAVE them the opportunity to work get a say in what their employees can do, nobody denies that; same thing goes for teachers, but intead taxpayers pay for teachers, not the heads of corporations, but teachers r still getting payed by PPL, and those ppl don't deserve to be stripped of their right to kno what their children learn. It pains me to hear many ppl believe parents should NOT get a say in what their kids r taught

  • 4:57 if this is the case then stop using our language.


  • This guy.... wow. I'm 2nd gen Mex/Filipino and this is pure bs. I'm not the only browny that finds this disgusting.

  • How sweet the sound of truth. God bless you and your family and those around you. Ever thought about running for president?🤔🏃‍♀️

  • Here in South Africa the abhorrent and racist apartheid regime was replaced 27 years ago, which was a good and necessary thing. Then the equity targets came. And the meritocracy fell. As I'm writing this, I'm using power from a generator because the state-operated power utility cannot provide power. Again. 4 hours of rolling blackouts per day. The state-owned postal service is now a matter of prayer. The state-owned railway system has collapsed. The state owned broadcaster is bankrupt. The state-owned airline is under administration. But hey! At least there are 94 parties to choose from in our local elections next week. This is what equity looks like. Let's all suffer together, with no hope of improvement.

  • Let's go BRANDON

  • I really hate the idea of teaching the young black kid that the young white kid in the corner is the reason he will be a failure based solely on skin colour and that white kid is responsible for all kinds of problems for minorities and should be on his knees apologizing. Why are we not teaching kids to believe there is nothing holding them back from achieving anything they want to do? Their character and work ethic matters more then the colour of their skin is a racist term now and that’s a terrible thing that’s happened

  • What are other children's books we need to get rid of in our schools? I caught Woke Baby, Lawn Boy, Touching Spirit Bear, and Not My Idea.

  • How is this news?

  • I can't believe that Fox News makes sense now; tells a lot about the current leftist mentality.

  • Blaahahaaaaaaa blaahahaaaaaaa what a lame

  • Yeah he looks like he knows how to make right decision for a child.

  • I am extremely sorry as an Indian to fellow Americans, that you have to deal with this intellectually crippled woke trash from my country 'Ritu Bhasin'. We are with you on this.

  • Thank goodness this CRT nonsense has been nipped in the bud here in our schools. It takes a very undereducated individual to fall for CRT's silly premise.


  • I've never ever seen a "white" or a "black" person. Can someone check the color chart please?

  • Sending your kids to public school is abusive private schools are a necessity now

  • Books made for primary students,is the missing Link in this conversation,far from the intellectual abilities,a primary students would be able to comprehend his dammed complexities of his theories on education, he's overthinking education, and shows no promises of solcial gain but just created another class of solcial misfits instead, that'll take years of therapy to undo

  • The person that raises the subject of racism is the biggest racist.

  • Give this lady a promotion

  • How hard is this to understand? I was raised in the 90s. Growing up I was told racism was treating ANYONE differently because of skin color. It really seems like that's what they're doing. It's not "reverse racism"....It's racism, and the fact that they are openly doing it...and no one is challenging them is just mind blowing.

  • Yet, non-whites love to flood in to nations that are predominantly white.

  • Home school or go to a church school!

  • Wonder if Ritu thinks her nose ring is becoming? Hummm?

  • Ms. Ingraham, I respectfully request that you'd heed your own canon, especially in a piece about "propaganda." You make the sweeping and ambiguous comment, "and of course, the churches are in on the act," indiscriminately lumping all "churches" into one presumable evil. What churches are in on the act with what you refer to as the DEI cabal? There are more than 350,000 churches in this country having roughly, 145,691,446 members (based on 2012 statistics). Those churches represent a wide range of denominations, some 238. Is it particular denominations you speak of? Is it all the churches within that denomination? Are all the members of that denomination's churches involved, on board, in agreement? At best, your comment is woefully inaccurate. At worst, your comment would put you on the same platform right alongside those you speak against. It's making overly broad stroke claims and applying generic labels that underpin genuine racism, no matter on which side you stand.

  • I never thought I would see a woman look like a dead horse face beside Sarah Jessica Parker- but Laura Ingrham chomps the bit.

  • Laura Ingram, the idiots choice.

  • CRT = Creating Racial Tensions

  • 1:33 The one place where you won't find diversity is among diversity, equity and inclusion experts and consultants. The only real "sysyemic" institutionalized racism in the USA is the inocuously sounding affirmative action.

  • Unbelievable how overtly racist America has become towards whites. I'm not American for the record, but I can't believe what I'm hearing and seeing. How do Americans tolerate this? I'm not mocking with my question, just genuinly wondering because I'm completely speechless.

  • The Cabal knows that 'Social Media' like Facebook (Instagram), Snapchat and TikTok can easily affect how young people feel about themselves and their self image. So now they want to bring that manipulation 'officially' into the schools and classrooms so that they can truly control the message to the youth. The goal being that the children grow up 'brainwashed' and can be more effectively controlled as adults, i.e. Government mandates

  • Public schools are looking pretty bad😤

  • Lunatics, who promote CRT should be put in jail and/or psychiatric clinics.

  • Anglophobes... Who hate soap an civilization. Y'all got another way of life besides Anglo enlightenment???

  • What nutballs. European nation is USA. Just as it became the template fie the west. I had a lady tell me she hates books. Because they are lies and all.gods are the.same. Lots of laughs. All religins are the same she stated. It was very unfortunate.

  • to hell with that prince fool. and equity is impossible. notice she wants "outside experts" - b/c they have degrees that are worthless and need jobs.

  • Normal education garbage, talking down to parents, who discount that parents could possibly be more intelligent than they are. They work 9 months out of the year, don’t tell me they work longer hours, more intelligent ………tell this elitist bullying to the engineers, doctors self employed, builders…….you get the idea. In almost all all genres these people are all smarter because we are the people who keep this country moving not falling apart as someone who has entirely too much time on their hands spewing rubbish. Leave our children alone!

  • I've heard the argument for most of my life that the experts are the only ones qualified to be an expert based on their own delusions.

  • Critical Race Theory, or as I more accurately call it, Critical Race(baiting) Theory.

  • Maybe its time!!!!!!!!

  • Liberals are insane

  • This sickness they are pushing must be stopped. Who is pushing? The Democrats.

  • living with rules and laws that we all agreed on, that allow us all to live together without tarring each other apart. and suffer the consequences and fruits. So white-ness is what gives nations thier sovereignty.

  • educators are evil monsters, They lead away from God, children to ruin. Hated school !

  • i dont understand what any of these people are saying or what they are talking about

  • Wht is it so hard to simply acknowledge systemic racism. Don't take it personally just acknowledge it.

  • This all sounds like racism towards whiteness

  • Trust in educators has to be EARNED! If kids "graduate" from high school but cannot find a job because their reading and mathematical skills are sub-par, parents will look elsewhere to SOLVE THE PROBLEM THEIR CHILDREN EXPERIENCE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Not all kids, for sure, but too many that the rug can't hide anymore.

  • Racism isn't the exclusive privilege of Caucasians, it exists in all nations and communities.

  • The CCP spends tons of money trying to destructure our societ

  • The conductor on Amtrak always pinches my cheeks I like it

  • TedX supports pedophilia

  • I can sum up CRT in 9 words or less. Not fair! Not fair! Boohoohoohoohoo.

  • Ruti Bhasin Is a Racist. These people need to be Stopped.

  • Mmmm - a professional grifter spouting racist hate speech for profit and the law does nothing about it. Why not? Is it cause he’s black?

  • Many thanks for this great episode!

  • Interesting

  • Change the words white or whiteness to black or blackness and wait for the racism card to be called upon. Well a spade is a spade and all the CRT supporters or pushers are the very thing they say they wish to eradicate!! They are racists and they racists against white folk!! As for employment.. I would rather be the best person for the job because of my skills or experience so I can best perform in that job.. not be given the job because of my gender, skin colour or sexuality!!

  • This had better show up in schools near me. I'll be a major thorn in the side of the school board. The problem is... there would be thousands of others with me. I'd poke the school board in the eye every time they tried this crap!

  • Do not put BLIND trust in your educators. Many younger ones are agenda driven...with the goal of breaking down your children.

  • The truth is, if "educators" promote CRT, they are inherently unqualified to teach a bowl of gold fish. And parents have no choice BUT to step in to move education to a useful, healthy, and successful curriculum.

  • Homeschool your kids

  • They already hire based on race and gender line in the federal government. Applicants are given more points for being african american, pacific islander, Puerto Rican, etc. AND they are given higher starting pay.

  • The people that agree with this DEI racket need to be treated for what they are; Enemy's of the United States of America.

  • The sweltering woolen acromegaly disarm because beet correlatively file down a tedious patio. robust, cold crib

  • LAURA INGRAHAM is a grotesque beast