Michael Baden reacts to Gabby Petito coroner report

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Renowned forensic pathologist analyzes Wyoming officials' report on 'The Story'

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  • Sasquatch did it, look at the evidence

  • Gabby was a narcissist! Run, Brian! Run!

  • crazy gals dont mix with crazy guys. Toxic relationship that ended bad

  • I. See. On. Nes. U. Tube.

  • There. Is. A. Killer. Or. Killers. On. The. Loose. They. Say. In. Utha. Also.

  • Brain. Didn't. Do. Something. Like. Their. Saying. Third. Person. Dna. I. About. Know. This. Because. He. Was. Away. From. Her. Awhile. And. Other. Pople. We're. At. Camp. Ground. Area

  • Brian Laundrie is a sick person. He enjoys even this negative attention. He will be searching on the internet for news of himself and enjoying the coverage. He could be in a hotel or an Inn where there is internet service and free food for guests. He could easily remain hidden in plain sight in such a place, even hiding in a basement or in the 'laundry' room of a hotel.

  • Brian was the one who killed Gabby and that bastard left his shoes at the scene

  • Finding the Laundries guilty of anything is like finding Fox guilty of election meddling in Arizona.

  • The guy has to know she's dead he's made no attempt to contact her as one might if they haven't heard from one another in a long time and he's got her credit card knowing that she won't be using it

  • Man child he was.

  • Defund the FBI. They are only good at protecting criminal like Obammy, Biden,Hillary and Gates


  • Dirty Laundrie's!! Despicable Parents that aided in their son's disappearance!!

  • So sad, I'll see you in Heaven sweetheart Gabby. You will live on in our hearts 💔🙏💕💞

  • someone will see him and turn him in.

  • Gabby petito and her brothers were crisis actors. This whole thing has been staged to distract the public and drive the wedge between familial relations even deeper.


  • Old man can't even talk right... And yes you know your being strangled...not being able to breathe is horrible

    • He's a forensic pathologist and coroner. I'm sure you're much more intelligent and learned 😂

  • well ladies it wasn’t right. I did hear that she was a terror, and believe me I’m not giving what happened that it was right cause it wasn’t but maybe regardless being right you should know your limits of pushing and emasculating men. cause it only takes once and if and when they find him and if he’s is found guilty he will do time and she will still be dead. A crime like this isn’t done by a sick person it’s done by an abused one.

  • I'm pretty sure it wasn't just like "falling asleep." What is this guy talking about?

  • If someone did this to my daughter, I pray for them. I couldn't contain myself.

  • Wow, really? She just went to sleep?? Strangulation isn’t painful? Delusional

  • Dog is the real killer

  • what a shame, how this man could hurt another person , may god give this family some peace

  • They better take the body sniffing dogs to Gabby's Dad's backyard next... Brian might be hiding underneath 6 feet of dirt.

  • Have they checked for Brian's DNA under Gabby's Dad's fingernails yet...?

  • Brian Laundrie is dead. He will never be found. Period. He walked into the swamp, committed suicide and has been eaten by the alligators and other wild animals. He will not face justice. Get real folks.

  • God bless her soul , she deserved better than that lowlife .He needs to face his justice .

  • If she was ugly they wouldn't be covering this story so hard.

  • I hope god is with gabby... but why is the news so interested in this story people get murdered everyday.. makes me think we are being distracted from somethong bigger

  • If Brian’s DNA is found under her fingernails or on thevskin of her neck that’s important evidence against Brian , unless a third party’s DNA is found on her body , the deed will still be attributed to him regardless if they have been together in that van for a long period of time , unless it is normal for them to be constantly scratching at each other .

  • Sick of this story .

  • It wasn't "Manuel" it was Brian.

  • Such a sad story.. The truth is out.. The wyoming strangler hides out... Cmon man give up

  • We all love you Gabby , Rest in Peace!

  • Not a fan of Baden. He was 100% wrong in the Jon Bonet case.

  • I hope that they catch him

  • Can he say they were wrestling around and he had her in a choke hold n broke her hyoid bone by mistake? He tried to help but was too late n got scared? No service to get help. No phone no prof if the phone never connected. Just wondering. Or that he was defending himself because she got out of control again like in the video when she said it was her fault. I’m not sticking up for him I’m asking can he say this? Is there prof he didn’t do that? To prove otherwise.

  • I think 🤔 that the Wyoming Police 👮‍♀️ should have just arrested both Gabby & Brian…. her parents probably would have been notified and hopefully 🙏 would have talked her into going back home 🏡 to them 😢

  • If Gabby asked about STAN, to her Mother in a text, She could have been asking for help.( Send the authorities now) Its so sad if it really was her trying to get that message across.

  • i believe he beat the hell out of her after he strangled her

  • Thank you Dr.Baden for letting the family and public know she suffered less than what the media is reporting. thank you, Sir. this is all so sad.

  • Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if all murders were given this kind of attention...

  • I love how they say this guy testified at the OJ trial - is that supposed to be a good thing? OJ was acquitted...

  • The body was not buried. Gabby's stepfather described where she was, and she was lying on the ground in front of an area that looked like it had been cleared of rocks to pitch a tent.

  • You can't strangle yourself? Tell that to the people who commit suicide by hanging and those who die accidentally during autoerotic asphyxiation...

  • I thought they said there sending her body back to parents.

  • Her body was out in the open , we all saw in helicopter video clearly

  • That was so kind for Dr Baden to say Gabby died quickly within seconds lost consciousness for her family sake!! However i think Gabby was very scared for Longtime & feared her life in danger!!

  • Wouldn't the lack of third party DNA rule out anyone but Brian?

  • Poor girl!

  • There are many things that could of happened. It’s not always just “he killed her” he lawyered up because “legally” in the game of law that’s what you’re suppose to do . We won’t know unless he undergoes a polygraph and more evidence comes

  • I wish news networks would realize that there are other pathologists besides this guy. Baden has been selling his opinions to every network out there for 35 years.

  • Rest in peace gabby

  • Nice

  • They are being very reserved about details, likely not wanting to reveal to many facts before they get Brian in custody due to it may hurt the case.

  • I wanna know if she was cheating on Brian and talking to a bunchnn no of other guys to make him act like this? Cause then it would be a crime of passion. She seems like she would be talking to all kinds of other dudes.

  • Hey sorry but I have to disagree with this Dr. , because if Gabby has Brians skin and blood under her finger nails that makes Brian Laundrie Gabby Petito's Murderer !

  • When they catch him Kamala will let him out right away .

  • At this point do we believe in innocent before proven guilty or do we try everything by media these days?

  • The coroner's report DID have "manual strangulation/,throttling!!! Her body WAS released and the parents are on their way to Wyoming to get her remains...her body was NOT buried because the reporter on the helicopter could identify a body on the ground! BUT they edited that part out before they released the video BUT they DID day it was visible! GEEZ did y'all forget rose details!!!

  • Crowd sourcing = Keyboard cops.

  • Imagine having such a professional in front of you & asking such dumb questions. What a waste.

  • Apparently, the FBIs wanted to protect murderers.

  • White woman syndrome they would never do this for a black woman

  • God bless Gabby and her family and friends. It's so sad, and I'll NEVER understand how anyone, no matter who it was, could do that. She's so beautiful, and was so full of life. But some MONSTER took all of the life out of her!!! She had decades yet to explore and experience life's blessings. But then the DEVIL changed all of that for her, and her family and friends. She is back home in God's Arms. I'm sure that what happened will cause a lot of extreme pain and suffering for many people. I pray that God will give you all the strength to get through this horrific and deeply saddening time. 🙏❤

  • We ❤️ you Gabby! RIP SWEET ANGEL 😇

  • Gabby's autopsy clearly says strangulation /throttling meaning it was done with human hands as opposed to using an instrument.

  • So - DNA of Brain is everywhere because Gabby and Brian were traveling together. If you find DNA of a third person, that would be important... ok I get it. But it also means - if you DONT find DNA evidence of a third person, it means there were only two people and one of them is dead, which makes the other one a murderer.

  • Love this guy

  • A NOwiner just said Brian choke the sh!t outta of her 🙄. They will never find Brian because Gov. Tedd Cruz told him to get to Cancun

  • Hope they'll catch the dirty Laundrie soon.

  • I swear he saying homo-cide.

  • So beautiful family gabby patito l WAS THINKING THE SAME está triste GOOD RIGHT LOVE THIS photos amén de Dios bendiga

  • It's clear he's been protected. Wouldn't be surprised to find that Laurie Laundry family is somehow connected to some prominent leftist (pardon - liberal democrat) official...😤

  • He is creepy used her money. Has Jackson waitress said what the argument was about? Nothing on the blog about the fights, she would have gotten advice to leave him in WY.

  • The reason that they are not releasing information is very basic; If this guy is still alive and they catch him, it is entirely possible in the first shock of arrest that he will confess. IF this confession contains details that the public does not know, such as "I left her under some rocks, or I buried her" it will show that, EVEN THOUGH HE RETRACTS THAT CONFESSION (which often happens) that it was impossible for a third party to know such details. Other wounds on the body or even the positioning of the body when found can be very important. Let's face it, the important thing is that Petito receives justice, the ghouls can wait for their dopamine charge .......

  • My condolences to Petito family

  • Really sad story

  • Brian Laundrie is dead

  • Such a beautiful girl.

  • This just angers me and breaks my heart ❤️ such a beautiful spirit she seemed to be !! Brian you can run but you can’t hide Gods eyes are roving about and he knows EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!! He will call gabbeys blood back from YOU!!!!!

  • What a pathetic and evil little coward Brian is…here’s praying he’s found soon. He needs to answer and if I was in charge I’d put him in a room alone with her father.

  • I suspect the Laundrie family is "well to do and well connected". This whole case doesn't pass the smell test.

  • I guess hes never heard of people hanging themselves

  • Love how there are so many detectives in the comment section. Yet yall cant even find your dads

  • Wonder if the killer has regrets? Besides being a wanted man, he's been by her side for many months. Might he be lonely?

  • The cariner ?

  • Mr. Laundries was setup

  • Epstein??

  • If Gabby accepted Jesus as her Saviour and obeyed Him, she will rise in the first resurrection when He returns. However, we cannot expect to be accepted by Jesus if we don't even so much as acknowledge Him in our daily lives. Sorry, had to say it.

  • cant strangle your self? ........ask Robin Williams or David Carradine

  • EVERYONE KNOWS HOW USELESS the FBI IS.. The FBI "FALLS ASLEEP" -EVERY TIME- a Democrat GETS ACCUSED OF a CRIME.. Example: Hunter’s laptop..China & Ukraine’s money to Hunter/the big guy(Dad)/Tax evasion/Clinton Foundation misspending/unsafe emails/Hillary’s FAKE Russia report/I could fill this screen.. U WILL NEVER SEE A CHARGE AGAINST A Democrat Cause.. FBI GETS RID OF CHARGES AGAINST Democrats.. ⚫️ (Even news doesn’t bother reporting it) We’ve all pretend it’s normal but it isn’t

  • Yeah. How did you know? Did you do it ?

  • Joe is criminal and chief and the so called Democrats are organized crime

  • It was manual strangulation, do your research numpties

  • Did you all see the leaked drone video of his parents in their garden showing a hand reaching up to grab something from the mother? Suggesting there is an underground barracks in his parents garden? Have the police looked?

  • Because if there's a trial later you can't disclose to much info , how could you choose a fair jury?

  • Usa is a scary country you can die noone will give a f.