Tucker: This is a real problem, it isn't temporary

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' weighs in on the Federal Reserve's currency tapering plans.

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  • That vodka analogy tho...

  • There is no political solution. Accelerate and lean into to collapse.

  • *cough* Ron Paul!

  • Why did he bring up stagnant wages when Republicans have been against raising the minimum wage due to the suspected inflation it would bring?

  • How dare you suggest I have to actually do something to get what I want. It should be given to me because it's not fair if someone else is winning.

  • Well all I can say is if we all head down this road then watch your back cuz I'll take food outta your mouth to feed my family and I know many others will too. Hug your loved ones because its gonna get dark and dirty out here..

  • SOS Tucker Carlson Please Help!! The School is punishing my kid for getting a mask from the school. They said this is the 6th time he's gotten one and must be disciplined. They will not provide any policy stating this information. I know your busy, but NO one will help us....

  • Janet Yellen, of Polish Jewish ancestry, appointed by President Bill Clinton as a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Stop noticing things!

  • ...anybody remember Ron Paul from 10 years ago? He tried to warn us about this exact thing....but no, he was a "crazy old man" right???

  • "You'll own nothing, and YOU WILL be happy" - World Economic Forum

  • Then he mentions Jenny Allen and I think, wow, they put a whammen in charge of the spending, but now they're bellyaching about the absolutely foreseeable consequences? Lolz. 🤣 F.U., losers. 😜

  • Republicans aren’t allowed an opinion without it being considered negative criteria. Democrats are allowed an opinion(most of which is deteriorating America). The left is a condemnation in plain sight! Wake up!!!

  • “After the pandemic.” The economy should never have been shut down in the first place ya dope! Janet Yelin who looks like Yoda’s wife. Ya creep! It was all politically engineered just like the use of Covid as a political tool to remove Trump.

  • Another home run Tucker!


  • This problem isnt just in the U.S. Here in the Netherlands energy and gasprices have jumped up significantly over the past few months. Houseprices have gone up by 40 to 60% over the last 5 years. Guess what the European bank is doing for the €uro…yup quantitative easing. And the sad thing is the people did not want this coin, it was forced down the throats of Europeans by those shth0le elites in Brussels.

  • $!@^%$##&^138*#!^&#^

  • Not so complex Tuck. Bill Still's video on the Money Masters is still available on YT and is the best explanation on this subject if your subscribers are interested.

  • It can't be "transitory" if the pandemic never ends. 🤔

  • But everything should be FREE. 😳🤫🙄 just keep printing that moola. Tell the sheep it is fine.

  • The square change biomechanically call because size delightfully sniff across a unbecoming magic. little, windy dredger

  • Well, it seems that 81 million Americans voted for this (did they really???)...so, now, they have to suck it...!!! When things get really bad they will start to do something about it.......and by then it will be too late......already it is...!!!

  • F the Fed and F joe biden

  • Is'n't it kind of shitty how the "newscaster" so casually calls Janet Yellin a reptile? Does that happen on any other major news outlet besides Fox? It's not a good look, to be sure.


  • About time someone starts talking about how the federal reserve is evil and is the main problem with America.

  • Hey. I'm dead serious about getting military training and guns. Any freedoms style groups upholding our constitution and freedoms know where to turn. It's needed encase I need to join a militia encase the Biden the puppet starts targeting real Americans.

  • What people DO NOT realize, is that the REAL inflation is always 2-3% higher. Inflation is also a hidden TAX. Higher prices mean higher taxes, like VAT.

  • We heard this same thing with the opioid crisis at the beginning “pseudo-addiction”…. Did they hire Purdue Pharmas marketing team at the Fed? Transitory Inflation, GFY

  • Tucker Carlson is a special little rodent.

  • I stopped working because I didn't have a life. Funny thing..I found another better way to live and making making money...

  • Only honest man on TV

  • Tucker the best! He speaks our language so I can understand!

  • Yellen has never had a real job, has never produced anything of value, never worked to improve anyone's life but hers

  • Democrats' goal is American decline. The world will be a better place when it's all like Africa, Central America or Indonesia, they think.

  • Congratulations we are being destroyed from within.

  • What rules do biden have to break to get impeached ? obama is the main handler can't everyone see it clearly and biden is brain dead

  • Hey kids, we're reliving the worst parts of the 70's again. I lived through that and (spoiler alert) it wasn't pleasant. You buy anything you can because it will be more expensive tomorrow. The morons in government come out with stupid ideas like wage and price controls that hurt your wages, but somehow never really limit the price increases. We'll continue to see package sizes getting smaller (for the same money, of course). They'll come up with new names for cuts of meat which won't be subject to the wage and price controls. You will always lose. The only potential bright spot I see here is after the economy is ruined there won't be money to waste on useless university degree programs and there will be less available for welfare. The snowflake and welfare classes will have to get jobs and then reality will hit them. Hopefully this political correctness and cancel culture nonsense will end. We'll still have the race hustlers - they were around in the 70's and never left. Of course, not everyone who is poor is poor because they're lazy. I have sympathy for the genuine poor. We'll find ways to continue to help them.

  • Say it with me guys: LETS GO BRANDON!

  • Not a good comparison example is 2008 qe which lead to no inflation and the dada still is not out yet if the inflation is due to qe or supply chain shortage (there controversial statements sorry don’t get triggered data will literally not be in for years until multiple studies and papers are pere reviewed how boring :( and unexciting compared to tuckers analysis )

  • TC is correct on the economics concepts. Time to invite Bernie Sanders to Fox News & have an interesting conversation, I reckon.

  • This strategy of losing your job will be used time and time again to make you do the governments will. They're going to use do your part to rid the world of poverty.

  • why do you never talk about housing, meat, and car prices? ground beef went from $2 to $3.75. Used Cars practically doubled in a year. Housing is becoming sky high unaffordable. But by the way they raised the minimum wage from 12 dollars to 15 dollars hahaha.

  • I honestly thought i was imagining everything getting more expensive

  • Humans which includes myself of course are trapped in 3D. We cannot get out of this hell because we often don't realize that money is the basis of our society. Crypto currencies and gold are also the same as money. Anything that creates inequality is valid to trap us in the devil system. The devil system which distorts reality through the creation of inequality, is currently super imposed on us through the money system. Hence in order to elevate from 3D to 5D letting go of the money system and it's equivalents, or anything that can make one aquire wealth in 3D must let go of. On Jesus planet, Money and it's equivalents, which appears to make one enriched on the surface, is not used. People on this earth Gaia are subject to pain through inequality created through the money system, which we are subject into, from the time of birth. Since the money system is our reality, the 3D we live in, looks as real as it can get to our perception. The only way to free us from this hell society is to let go of money and anything that creates unequal distribution, which includes Crypto, gold, and any medium or thing that creates disparagements among people. The economic crisis which is on the verge of happening next year in 2022, will therefore serve as a cleanse towards the artificial matrix system, which is meant to free us from this devilish society we are experiencing. However, crypto currencies were created such as to continue to maintain the unequal distribution of wealth. Therefore, our bonds from this devilish 3D matrix we currently live in cannot be broken through the the usage of cryptocurrencies and gold etc., since it is just another form of unequal distribution. The only way to ascend from 3D to 5D is to totally free ourselves from the concept of materialism. Which most people are most likely not willing or ready to do at this moment. Hence, most people will not be able to cut their ties from this devilish 3D system, sustained through medium distributions, which creates inequality among us. So when we go to stores and see the lack of supplies, we can see this as a blessing of end times. Christ is giving his love to end this devilish system on our behalf. The time is very near.

  • The Federal Reserve is beyond corrupt.

  • Bitcoin is the answer

  • Sooo buy Bitcoin then. Got it

  • Bitcoin is the only way

  • Looks like the beginning of the popping of this epic debt and equity bubble when mainstream media talks about the Fed.

  • America's problems stem from democratic radical liberal unsound unreasonable bad ideas America don't want. JMT

  • Federal reserve - not federal and has no reserves.

  • Uhm… Tucker? Your face is a real problem, it’s not temporary! This is because of China, its everywhere around the world. Even here in Europe. But yeah, its because of gouvernement, strangely and scary enough its all over the world. What are China and our governments planning? Have they been bribed by China? Our livelihoods? Are safety?

  • Ehm.. Tucker? Your FACE is a REAL PROBLEM, it’s NOT TEMPORARY!

  • And Biden ripped it apart

  • LET'S GO BRANDON!!!!!!

  • I'm confused. Tucker says around 7:05 that Biden spent $6 trillion and then COVID hit and he spent more. Covid hit when Trump was president so what is he referring to?

  • This government has to go!!

  • The Federal Reserve is a misnomer because it’s not federal and there is no reserve. It is a corrupt entity run by an elite top secret group.

  • Tucker Carlson is not your friend. He knows what really happened in 2020 yet he gets on TV every night and tows the line like the good little operative he is.

  • Democrats are screwing us

  • Trump blew 8 trillion in four years. In fact the 2021 budget was sign by Trump in 2020; but Faux News and Tucker take advantage of the rubes who don't know anything.

  • Stagflation look it up.

  • The banking sector will bail out all of humanity in the coming “Great Crash” at the price of governments announcing that the banks own ALL public and private assets and that we now own NOTHING. But, thanks to the bail-outs and food rationing programs that will save billions, we will own NOTHING and be both HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

  • Thank you Tucker

  • Wash off the stubble, add lip gloss, and Tucker is a woman.

  • Quantative easing=counterfeiting

  • Thank you for intelligent analysis!

  • Money currencies bill's are better than the credit cards and credit that was created.

  • I agree, its not temporary.

  • Regan doubled the debt 1-2 Trillion. Bush (the younger) doubled the debt 4-8 Trillion. Obama doubled the debt 9-18 Trillion. Trump was on track to double the debt but didn't get a 2nd term. Today the dollar buys 1/20th of what it did when the Fed was created in 1913.

  • Janet (Grandpa Munster) Yellen probably doesn't eat bacon - or any other human food lol.

  • ALL politicians and ALL those who give money and/or support them are "The Enemy".

  • To the sane that may see this- inflation hasn't hit hard yet, buckle up. There is a solution , nobody likes but really isn't that bad, q depression. All that means is you get to cut out extra nonsense, start revaluing thngs that were trashed, and connect with your neighbors as you barter skills and goods. It's not mtv but you might get some of that character your great grandparents talked about.

  • Secret meeting on Jekyll Island, prior to establishing the central bank....interesting to investigate.

  • I hate when people use the term from the movie Orwell, it makes no sense and I truly believe these politicians became to big for their bridges, using this terminology lightly. They need to be voted out, the power is in your vote nothing more, use it and do it at elections that's what will break the cycle. Anything bad or corrupted never prevails.....never...unless you turn the blind eye on their cheating..?

  • Wonder what Biden's handlers have planned for the rest of his term?

  • Never mentions that the Fed creates this money out of thin air and pays it back with interest out of our tax money. Welcome to debt slavery.

  • Bloomberg has lost it way as a decent channel

  • "She's the reptile who ran the federal reserve" hahahhaa whaat xD she sounds like Fauci

  • It's like a child when a parent tells it that they cannot afford something. The child says " just go to the machine and get some more " 🙄 .

  • You can't tally everything just yet. He still have 3 yrs to go. If no investigation to a possible violations to the constitution of USA and its security integrity..

  • Fact Check: "Janet Yellen, She's the Reptile that runs the Federal Reserve" True.

  • Who did we get to this


  • Notice that the well off are not affected, so, maybe look at what they do to get their money, is it gouging, those exuberant profits in the stock market they invest in? Pensioned employment investments cost us all.

  • Just seeing Tuckers haircut puts me out of my depression

  • That's Should be STOPPED! God Save America

  • Thank God for Tucker. If it wasn't for him, all we'd have is lapdog media telling people "nothing to see here, move along." Lulling people into complacency is just plain dangerous at this point.

  • Sucker Tucker 🍭🧸🍼 wants his granny to read his best bedtime stories.🥕🐰🤭

  • Nightmare world.

  • Didn't know the FED is a private entity interested in their Bankster owners and not the American people. GOVERNMENT IS BROKEN WHETHER YOU ARE DEM OR REPUBLICAN

  • I miss him in bow ties

  • They would not shut up Until they got trump out. Where are all the BIDEN supporters ????

  • This is epic and so on point

  • if you're not in the markets, you will loose

  • lizard ppl bout to die

  • Store shelves are empty 😡😡😡😡😡😡 and everything is up at least 50% .

  • Ok, yeah, I've been saying this to my crazy leftist father all year, and I'd love to be able to throw my trading success in his face, except the problem is that in actuality the US dollar index keeps going UP. I'm now 40 thousand dollars behind on the Australian dollar, the Euro, the Japanese yen, silver, corn, soybeans and wheat. So consumer prices keep going up, and you can say that's inflation of the US dollar resulting from toxic US fiscal policy, but if that's the case then why is the dollar going up against other currencies!! Check out the monthly price chart of soybeans especially. It looks more like a bubble that is now collapsing than anything else, I bought into that at the freaking top too. The market's like "Oh we're so afraid of inflation, omg inflation, I'ma sell my gold and silver and all other currencies and commodities and buy the US dollar. WHEW, NOW I'm safe from inflation, now that I'm in the good ol US dollar!" I want to protect my money and I'm getting slammed because the US dollar index keeps going UP!

  • Fun Fact: The primary cause of the 1929 Crash was the FED's policy in the 1920's of inflating the currency - and then slamming on the breaks in the late 20's by cutting the money supply by one third. That's bad, but had the government THEN done nothing...the economy would have gotten back to normal in a year or two. But Hoover pushed for "Smoot Hawley" and both he, and FDR, raised taxes and regulations to new heights...and the rest is history. So blame it on the FED, on Hoover AND FDR.