Will Cain rips NFL for seeking 'power' following email leak

Publisert 13. okt.. 2021
'Fox & Friends Weekend' host Will Cain and Fox News contributor Richard Fowler comment on Jon Gruden's 'racist' emails.

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  • Bob craft? Why isnt anyone talking about that still. Prostitution and possible human trafficking. Hmmmm

  • He shouldn’t been fired.

  • Love Will Cain.

  • Never watching the NFL again.

  • Love Will Cain!!

  • Most of y’all are disgusting. Standing up for this is inexcusable.

  • The sound of the NFL Scapegoat Grooooooodennnnnn

  • thanks

  • People are so sensitive.

  • nobody gonna regret a vulgar punk like John

  • Will Kane is full of it!

  • Yea I forgot about Deshaun Watson 🤷🏽‍♂️ 😳 that's 2 black men who haven't lost their jobs and one white man who has 😳 that's discrimination, and if it were the other way around it would ofcourse be racist lol pathetic mfs

  • I don’t like these arguments. Because I don’t agree with them allowing criminals in the league either. Right is right wrong is wrong 😅🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Wow you guys sound like a bunch of pussies. So a couple of mean words is worse than Deshaun Watson having 24 sexual assault indictments against him but he can still stay on the sideline?

  • How Tf he compare Watson to gruden when waston hasn’t been found guilty of anything and those where for sure grudens emails

  • If you looked at all emails that were ever sent by ESPN employees, I’m sure 99% of ESPN staff would be gone. Oh wait he’s not with ESPN anymore and it was sent from his personal email to NFL executives so how does this make sense? Well it doesn’t. So when will the public get to see the actual NFL emails that were apart of this NFL investigations?

  • Nope

  • If all my texts from ten years ago went public, every sjw in America would be protesting with signs and egging my house.

  • Will Cain is one of the few journalists who actually got this story right. I have no love for Jon Gruden or the Washington Football Team, but isn't it odd that they are the main targets of the NFL's e-mail investigation? What do they have in common? WFT bucked Goodell's demand that they change their nickname, and Gruden questioned Goodell's competence. Sounds like a vendetta to me. Now Pash and Allen are in the cross-hairs for questioning Goodell's diversity policy. Goodell and his cronies are self-appointed Inquisitors intent on ferreting out heretics (those who question Goodell's absolute rule, while using the NFL "woke" agenda as a smoke screen for what appears to be a personal vendetta). This witch hunt says more about the NFL Front Office than its does about any of its "woke" victims. As for Gruden's e-mail comments, that the NFL and the media have labeled "racist," read exactly what he wrote in context. Some of them are sarcastic, some are in bad taste, some are juvenile -- but none of them, taken literally, are racist. But hidden among his politically incorrect comments on other matters affecting the NFL, there is a sharp criticism of Goodell -- and therein lies Gruden's real offense and the reason for Goodell's retribution. This is the NFL's "cancel culture" in action.

  • It’s time to stop pretending words are violence. Anyone who can’t handle a word, deserves to be ridiculed.

    • @kaii231 Nobody cares what you think.

    • I can handle the words just fine, but I don't want you being the leader of my nfl franchise in this day and age with views like that. I don't want you to be my coach. I don't want you to be my colleague. Go be bigoted somewhere else.

  • Ray Lewis KILLED a guy and didn’t miss a game.

    • @SuL Hines To be fair, nobody knows the full story but there was an altercation with Lewis crew and some belligerent thugs. Group of people see Lewis, he was trying to avoid the ordeal. Lewis in the limo and they drive away, an hour or so later 2 of the guys harassing Lewis found dead. Lewis was wearing a white suit coat but that was nowhere to be found, weapons were not found either but blood belonging to the victims were found IN the limo. They didn’t find a literal smoking gun but there was restitution that had to be paid. It was a little similar to the OJ verdict.

    • @Starlord I’m asking because I don’t know the story I only heard it was self defense 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • @SuL Hines Does someone pay restitution for self defense? Blood in the limo and his white suit “lost” but it is unsolved.

    • wasn't that self defense?

  • And who did the NFL hire for the Super Bowl Half Time show? Check each of their communications.

  • I am positive that there has “never” been racial comments by a non-white employee or player associated with the NFL. Has the NFL reviewed all of the communications of all these people?

  • It's worth pointing out that pointing out whether or not the Raiders won was irrelevant at the end there...

  • Nothing compared to Clinton's emails... oh, was I supposed to forget?

  • These perfect people, ALL Left are LOSERS!

  • Richard is punk period

  • richard fowler conveniently did not answer the question on hypocrisy and jesse never followed up.

  • I was wondering where Will Cain went. He was always interviewing for this gig since day one. He sold his conservative persona and quasi racist rhetoric through ESPN while debating against Stephen A. Smith; a progressive liberal and Fox new bought it and ate it up. 👏 👏

  • It just seems fitting that gruden will be guest speaker at the next trump rally

    • It be fitting that the Superbowl winning team will visit the racist in the white house just because of his Democratic "politicking".

  • Biden kept his job, cl8ntons kept their jobs an so many more all 8n who you like

  • No !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell No !!!!!!!!! NO he should not have been fired period

  • Will Cain is the epitome of a racist he's the real deal for real

  • Gruden was setup

    • Oh yeah.. They put a gun to grudens head and forced him to be involved in hundreds of thousands of messeges... I wouldnt call it a setup BUT he WAS the "fall guy"

  • Once a racist always a racist. Why is is fox news defending a racist bigot? It's because fox news is full of racist bigots.

  • No one is safe. Every adult alive has done something or said something in their lives that would get them canceled today. This is what makes this so incredibly ironic.....Flawed people judging flawed people

  • John Gruden canceled. That's fine but guess what today I am officially canceling the NFL. Waiting list number 27831 Packers season tickets ( 4) canceled.

    • I'm cancelling the nfl package.

  • fox news is a joke - why don't you hire gruden - he would fit in perfect

  • WHY DIDNT FOX TELL US WHAT GRUDEN SAID ABOUT WOMEN REFEREES!!! You cant criticize women and keep your job.

  • Dang, if gruden had run over someone and killed them, he would get a second chance..if he fought and killed dogs, he would get a second chance..of that's right, he is white

  • Yeah, I guess the trick is not to resign since the NFL doesn't seem capable of firing anyone.


    • You can’t be a leader of a diverse group of men if they know that’s how you feel.

  • There was nothing wrong with what he said. It's talk amongst friends man talk. Private conversation

  • Gruden was correct against his criticism of Goodell. No team should be pressured into drafting a sub par player just for “diversity” reasons. I won’t be watching the NFL for another year.

  • There should be a statute of limitations on culture related problems, since a culture shift is happening so fast let's say 1 year. So anything you said over 1 year ago cannot be held aginst you because since that time you may have become "woke".

  • If Gruden had wrote that black people make lousy football players I'd fire him. Because that's just crazy talk. What happened to Just Win Baby? Oh, he's playing QB for LAC.

  • If someone shows you a private statement that they know that you will find offensive and seeing it does not benefit you? They basically are using someone else's words to offend you,


  • He did what TONY dungy couldn’t do! Even the players said DUNGY was a soft coach that was way too lax for that team! This is a attack on straight white men! I’ll always be a Gruden fan!!

  • How about let's check all emails of all the professional sports both plàyers and front office and owners

  • O my,wow

  • Grudden leaked those emails so he can cash a check and go home.

  • The guy is a football coach. I've heard worse in my time and it never bothered me. If words hurt your feelings then get outta football.

  • He wasn’t fired…

  • Fox News always protects racists

  • Since the pc idiots like to cancel people for decades old comments, then they have to cancel old joe eeerrr i mean Brandon for comments he has made countless times...

  • So basically Will Cain’s inbox looks a lot like Jon Gruden’s is what I’m gathering here

  • We’ve turned into a hypocritical and stone-casting society. The Cancel culture mob has won. Beta men are scared to speak up. It’s pathetic.

  • Should have resigned because its on the corporate email. The emails weren't that bad though.

  • stick and stones can break my bones NAMES can never hurt me

  • 2011 wasnt that long ago. Id say some of the comments were insults rather than racist although one was homophobic. Should have sent him on Diversity training that's what they used to do

  • Guess freedom of speech doesnt matter its not like he was calling for violence, people are so soft these days its pathetic.

  • After the last several years if you're still an NFL fan, you're un-American.

  • shouldnt have a skit with 2 guests who know nothing about football

  • It's not like Gruden knocked over the webcam !!!

  • Such​ stupid​ bs​ usa​ gone​ woke​ hypocrites

  • He didn't cause people to be murdered. Let's go Brandon.

  • if the Raiders were 0-4 Gruden would still be coach. Can't disagree with his assessment of Goodell.

    • Yes Goodall is a lot worse then anything Gruden said about him.

  • Will Cain is an absolute Boss! Thank you very much sir.

  • The Left, as usual, cannot ever forgive.

  • I promise you Richard Fowler has said worse!!

  • Bs, who cares if over it

  • Well said Will Cain and his lips are the size of Michelin tires he spoke facts

  • "LETS GO BRANDON" is going to be bigger than "KILROY WAS HERE"

  • Grudiboy's rips are straight off the 70's playground. You gotta grow or your going to be left behind.

  • There ought to be a statute of limitations for emails, I'd suggest one day or whenever my last drink got drunken.

  • He said inclusion

  • The raiders got out of a 100 million dollar contract!!! No one sees this?

  • Emails aren't meant to be public. "Let's go Brandon!"

  • When Roger Godell was 2 years old, he made a statement that I heard. He said......... "Goo gooo gaa gaaa, fa.......ott bl...........k." I really heard him. really.

  • WORD!!

  • Speak the truth get punished. Give me a break.

  • Racist sports. Who cares?

  • Its fuking football wow

  • Why?

  • Is anyone watching the NFL anymore? If so, why?

  • Richard Fowler always pretend to be pure, will Richard Fowler want all his email expose to the WORLD to see his Saint he is?

  • Should we go over decade of email from all NFL executives and players and expose them to the WORLD

  • When will white ppl learn lol get over it

  • Gruden should get a lawyer and investigate who leaked Gruden personal email.....that is as we all know confidential...

  • the african guy on this video. DEos God see all his emails how he talks gossip about other people?

  • i know a philipino lady that has nice big lips. she always sends me pictures of them

  • The media has no problem hiding Joe and Hunters e-mails and speeches. Much more there than Gruden could ever say.

  • The Raiders i remember were smash mouth. Not, he called me a name. They would take anger over the comments and tune up next team.

  • Wouldn't be Fox News if the White Man didn't defend the White Man. Maybe Jon Gruden isn't good nuff of a coach to survive a controversy like this. DWatson still technically has a job because he didn't resign. Maybe Watson didn't do what he is accused of????? Gruden resigned because he caught being racist homophobic and misogynistic. Gruden deserves everything he got and the real victims are the ppl who listen to Jesse and Will Cain and hear that Gruden didn't do anything wrong. Do better Fox

  • Wife beater: that's ok. Shoot someone: that's ok. Say some bad things 10 years ago: You're SO outta here!

  • If everyone were held accountable, the nfl would not exist.

  • Quote, " I have heard worse and I have said worse". Time for the cleansing.

  • Media: BIG lips💋 😲 Me: 😐😑 👃 Hunter biden emails: 👁👄👁

  • Gruden was wrong and the commissionar acted like a b***h!