Tucker: Maybe the government has less power than they think

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines how the president's mandates are hurting the nation
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  • Going to see how valuable I am and prepared for any consequences from the company

  • Yupie!! Worker can go back to southwest airlines we won 🏆

  • At the white house? Biden's not in the white house? And why is that ask yourself? Because he's not the President someone else is....Wake up America

  • If they don't you want to talk about problems with policies. How about all the problems with the forest fires in California a result of poor policies by the administration in California regarding water.

  • There are people who does excellent job and there are people who tell us excellent lies.

  • I flew South Worst in the early 80s; still the worst!

  • Thank you Tucker

  • Americans all over needs to do this and stop Biden’s mandates

  • Everyone needs to do the same and stop this crazy president

  • Tucker Trash...Te Sensational Entertainer....Twit🤔🇺🇸

  • A mandate is not a law. It next has to go through OSHA. The way OSHA is going about it has been over turned 5 out of 6 times. Then there are the law suits. Don't require vax right now.

  • Jen Psaki's alopecia is distracting.

  • All that in less than 9 months. There is method in that madness: what is it from?

  • F Joe biden

  • Tucker Carlson is really need to act Jame Bon actor. He really deserve the Jame Bon actor. New actor for Jame Bon.

  • 4:35 Peppermint Patty doing what she does best. Spewing lies and BS

  • I have a feeling if Trump was president while this was happening it would magically become patriotic and somehow make America great. Kind of like how handing rich people trillions in free cash was somehow not corporate socialism on steroids.

  • Now get rid of the BS mask mandates!! Masks DO NOT work!

  • Worst president ever

  • That woman has the same eyes and look as Zuckerberg

  • “Some of those claims”

  • Not Joe Biden it's obummer!

  • Unite and go on strike together everyone

  • The Vax Pushers of the Biden Cult....

  • At this point I think covid should get into the board room and come up with a way to protect us against the government.

  • when gary kelly declares that they are working hard to fix the problem, does he mean that airport staff are fixing the WEATHER? how can that be??

  • No one ever [ran/escaped from] Capitalism. 💪🇺🇸

  • Capitalism [super power] = BOYCOTT 💪🇺🇸

  • Oh, they don't want to be [accountable]?

  • Will he lie about plane maintenance too? Is it safe to fly on an airline run by liars?

  • *lies on top of lies on top of lies. Mandates are bogus and I will NEVER fly SWA again!!!*

  • The *ONLY* power the government has is what *WE GIVE THEM!* _And the '2nd' allows us to enforce that rule._

  • She gets out of being pinned down by saying the words "some of".

  • The lies are piling up so fast, it starts to feel like a proper dictatorship

  • Let's go Brandon!

  • A I will replace people of skill in the next two years, hide and watch.

  • Government actors follow veterans to "protect" them by harassment. Any veteran that doesn't fit the mold will get labeled as "disturbed" or "paranoid".

  • Liberal media gaslighting is failing miserably and when hospital,police, fire and emt servives go away and people start dying and store shelves of food are empty, which is happening right now, people will revolt.

  • I more or less quit flying a few years ago, mostly because of how horrible air travel has become in terms of ineffective security and packing us in like sardines. A few decades ago, it was very fun to fly.

  • Tucker Carlson is a communist.

  • The CEO seems like a nice person. To bad he is a spineless globalist controlled snake.

  • O'Bidens Government is causing Lots of Harm and Pain on Americans.

  • Can’t stop our spirit! It’s in our blood to stand up to terrorists foreign or domestic!!! Answer to 1984 is 1776!!

  • I have an amazing idea for you guys instead of doing a giveaway to people that canp gamble and pay in order to win. Give it to someone who's in dire need.of a real job or 🏡 or just sr8💲 Someone with depression recently heartbroken no friends cuz they sorry junkys the besty\crushone who suicided herself with a gun last week in front of us. Someone broke working 10 hour construction days, with a 2-hour commute living with their parents at the age of 26 with a clinically diagnosed suicidal wants thoughts temptations, no money or way to get a place or real job. medications on top of medications with no hope inside. To buy a house and car is impossible now days with my pay. So won't get a good girlfriend/wife and kids the only thing that matters and that can save me. Giveaway happiness, and show updates changes and goals they met. And the good you guys do. People would come flocking.

  • where is the line That's what I want to know? I hope it's not too far across to where we can't come back because these people are out of control.

  • Hay hay hay u cant go blaming us browns. 🤣🤣🤣👍🏽👋👨🏾‍💻Brown outs🤣🤣

  • Tucker said “everyone knows it” I Wish they did!!! I’m around a bunch of brainwashed people that still actually watch CNN!! I can’t stand it! I truly say to them what is Wrong you?! Whether you are or aren’t vacz. this mandate is off the charts wrong!!! I don’t know what to do about it?!!

  • I hope so. These ceo and head of military can go to hell too

  • The only power the government has is that which is given to them by the population. We have the power of no. A mandate is not a law. Oh and the white house staff is exempt from the "mandate" as well as all Pfizer and JnJ employees.

  • Hey Tucker, if America is so bad, why not leave? Facism, subliminal racism and mean spirited rhetoric, have no place in a democracy. Bye

  • Shut up whitie

  • Government and certain "officials" power lays in shroud.. They only think they are powerful because you let them think that.. 😜

  • No more bailouts for large corporations or airlines

  • They don't even blink the deceit is so fluid 🤦‍♂️

  • We The People, Individual Liberty, SELF GOVERNMENT

  • All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire

  • God bless you and your family and friends forever in Jesus name

  • The only reason that they would have canceled flights, is a lack of key help. A mandate is not a law.

  • It will be obvious to the country in 2028. That’s if anyone still cares.

  • the movie "fight club" is now a reality. we the people can make a change

  • He seriously needs to be relieved of duty. He is a clear sabatour of the American way and a true and utter harm to the people he is PAID to protect. He clearly is an enemy to the American people and her ways. Before he does any more damage to the country. Immediate termination of his duties as well as his missing in action V.P. they are a disgrace to the country. Even Nixon is a better man.

  • REFUSE THE TYRANNY! 1776 America Baby! Let’s go Brandon!!!!

  • The mandate isn’t going into effect til December , it’s a union dispute. You’re the liar . Liar liar I name you a liar.

  • Biden leaves Americans stranded for a 2nd time... when and what is the 3rd?

  • wait until mandate day Nov9? yeah what they gonna say then?

  • "presidential order" What the hell is that?

  • Welcome to Australia

  • He's wrecking everything. Red pilled all day

  • What happened to covid tests weekly?

  • but the mandate isn't legal

  • Phoq Jo Byden!


  • "FORCED HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION" a la Mengele, Tuskegee, Lobotomies, Sterilization. Government mandates ALWAYS go wrong. There is NO APPROVED VACCINE. The approved Pfizer IS NOT AVAILABLE.

  • The concentration camps are being built as we speak. They're just waiting for enough people to go along with them. As soon as they get the vaccination for the 5 month old babies they're going to start.


  • Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged.

  • The fact they fear undead Joe more then Texas governor will change very fast. You will see.

  • Funny liars.... Pravda yes!?!

  • My friend's son works for Southwest airlines. He said it's definitely because of the vaccine mandates. What a bunch of liars. They just keep lying and covering up. Wake up America! We have communists in the White House.

  • Flock Bidens phony agenda

  • Medical tyranny is tyranny.

  • Liars

  • Why are people even listening to a fake President? He's not the boss

  • Tucker is the Patriot we need in the media.

  • No it's just God is in control and the government satanic bozo's would never win

  • GREED is a bottomless PIT.

  • Everyone in Texas can't be forced to take the vaccine. Thanks to Governor Abbott!!!

  • They seem desperate to me.

  • Yes people are waking up. Now if we can get people like the CEO of southwest to grow some balls. Then China Joe will be forced to go back to his basement and tell Obama its not working. Then the world economic forum and the CFR and the military industrial complex just might realize these useless eaters are not as stupid as they think. Keep waking up America. We out number these evil idiots and as long as truth and God are on our side they do not stand a chance. Stop being participants in the lies.

  • Where I live the County government is more powerful than the state or federal government.

  • Tucker first off that's bulshit cuz as of right now still nothing to date there is no EO mandating vaccines. For anyone other than federal employees Airline employees are not federal employees. You see the executive orders don't mean s*** anyway because their arbitrary if they violate constitutional law and arbitrary does not require you follow them

  • The Government Only Power Is To Steal From The American People. This Comes From Their Thinking That Greed Also Controls Our Actions. What They Can't Think During Greed Is That They Truly Never Met The Public. What's In Store For Them Is Priceless...

  • Let's go Brandon

  • Well idiot let's see who has the power Greg or the president. Of course they'd listen to the president. Hop on your private jet and retire already

  • Fake news, there is no Federal Mandate. Has the CDC issued an orders or directives? Has Biden issued an Executive Order? No, then there is no mandate, so any company claiming they are forcing their employees to get the jab because of said mandate is lying.

  • How can you mandate an ”unapproved” experimental that’s only being used under an EUA?

  • The fact that they're making people who had Covid get the vaccine means it's not about public health.

  • Here’s food for thought…If any entity attacked America’s Food Supply, Air, Financial System, Power Grid, Water that is an act of war. So we are under attack from within by our own tyrannical government and they are not being tried for treason or acts of war on our own country?

  • Yessss he’s turning everything upside down! Smh

  • Back when murica used to be about the people but elites hijacked freedom