Crenshaw calls for Mayorkas' impeachment: 'Deliberate dereliction' of duty

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, sounds off on U.S. supply shortages, vaccine mandates, the handling of the border crisis and discusses his new children's book on 'Fox & Friends.'

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  • How about biden?

  • The first thing that needs to be done is putting emissions regulations that are keeping trucks from being able to offload ships on hold. It’s called survival…emissions can wait for a couple months so we can just LIVE FFS!!

  • Impeach Sleepy Joe Biden he is who we need to get out of office, with his bad attitude and things will get better for Americans asap he's are problem. Every since he was put in to office the American people has been suffering. Let's go brandon!!

  • Lying Dan!

  • I keep hearing the problems, I'm not hearing solutions.

  • Those remnants of the wall may yet be used - I hope. Part of my tax money bought the third one down, 11th pile on the left. I’d recognize it anywhere!!

  • This "Crisis" de jour is brought to you by Joe Biden, the Deep State, the New World Order and the DemOcommies.

  • Could prevention of supplies being off loaded/ shipped be a ploy by democrats... to punish us because we don’t agree. It goes without saying biden is not in control; someone else is running the show

  • Crenshaw is a RINO

  • Lets focus on families being together not things.

  • Add California's latest new laws about who can do the job, truckers unable to be independent contractors, older trucks cannot be used etc. Mexico should build a port ...

  • Where's the world Organization that needed us during any crisis? I commend the Idea of Government shipping since Unions and Democrats are monopolizing profits from this crisis. Never let a serious crisis go to waste. Right!

  • Plenty of People don't want mandates ! Root of the problem Lets Go Biden !

  • The fact is that a vast majority of people are complying with vaccine mandates, but Fox never interviews these people. They seem to concentrates and the few and ignore or refuse to interview the majority who agree with the mandates.

  • Is this everyone's experience? I haven't noticed any empty selves in northern California

  • Kids book writer and giggler while the entire country burns. Vaccine psychosis, and the Repubes in congress isn’t doing sh&$. They don’t have to worry about getting a shot because they and their staff are exempt.

  • as president u are responsible for ur cabinet members, another reason to impeach Biden immediately

    • Your wish list will have to wait. You may or may not know that the body that does the impeaching is controlled by Democrats. Biden is a Democrat. Democrats do not impeach Democrats. Stop wishing and do something about it on November 8, 2022.

  • There are PLENTY of truck drivers. Most of us just aren't UNION. That's the main problem with the ports. Stop spreading a narrative that is bogus.

  • When the population goes hungry and the elite "eat cake", well, look what happened in France. Desperate people will do desperate things.



  • Calling in the national guard will cripple the businesses that they work for now. Is that fair to their employers? No! Now, calling in the military to help would make much more sense than that. They work for our country already and many of them are not in essential positions. So putting them to work in the support of of our supply chain would make perfect sense. But only on a short term, very short term basis as these men and women are essential to national security. So they need to stand ready for deployment on a moments notice at all times.

  • These people are HEROES. Freedom over careers. PLEASE people vote these people out!

  • Cmon Dan, we all know the vax numbers are grossly inflated. We have over 91mil as of June that have natural immunity refusing this vax. Thats 30% alone add kids under 16 another 70 million. So half the nation is unvaxxed. Which is corroborated by the company data that are collecting that info for the potential mandates.

  • SIN and Pride is what Destroying America 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face,then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their SIN and will heal their land.

  • it's obvious why the milatary is forcing vaccinations.. General "woke" Miley can eliminate all his opposition in one day.. No chance of a military coup if they all resign..

  • As a 6th generation Texan we should succeed from America and keep Californians out 1st of all and everyone else

  • we saw the vid on Facebook before the fake checkers saw it and took it down. about 10 men lined up on their knees and they where shot in the back of the head one by one with pause in between so the next poor soul had to see the man next to him fall forward then when the last man was MURDERED< Then the whole gang of them shot hundreds of bullets into the bodies for fun. sickening and inhuman. Peace? are they mixing up the word "peace" with violence and cruelty or mixing up Peace with Pieces? Sharia of pieces. People getting their arms and legs chopped off. Having their heads cut off from their bodies? I still can not stop tearing. Savage and Barbaric and way worse than "Water Boarding" that everyone was upset about.

  • Says the guy who voted for red flag laws in the NDAA. Crenshaw is a RINO!

  • Yeah good luck with that Crenshaw. Remember for all the moral grandstanding this guy actually still thinks Biden won legitimately. What's the point in voting for republicans that only call BS for political theater but will concede when push comes to shove.

  • I lost all respect for Crenshaw when he voted to impeach Trump. He says good things, but his actions say otherwise.

  • Sorry about the spelling... connect the dots...

  • That is why America Mis So special... we defend the world...


  • Ok... I heard that if a governor leaves the state of his govern... the next in liiiiine assumes that governors duties until the Governor returns... ca. This be done in congress also??? Or the presidency.. with the next g7??? Which Obama is one of the representatives for the U.S... why not DJT#45!!!

  • Hey the guy just had a baby and though his department would take care of his problems....

  • I think the workers should keep working.. just ignore the mandate... You have the Constitution on your side and for some of the lucky people also have God on their side!!! A double whammy!!!

  • Wonder how much money and how many anti-depressants it cost to sell your soul.

  • He never gives anything concrete ideas , just the usual blah blah blah . Truck driver legislation . Please …

  • Bring the non violent fight to the governments and corporations doors. Visit the executives, appointed authorities and politicians at home. Why? When the people fear government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty. Why execs? They are in bed with the government.

  • The whole admin needs to be arrested and put in jail for treason.

  • Impeach 46!

  • So, stabbing Pres Trump in the back wasn’t such a great idea was it cyclops?

  • A couple dozen illegal aliens could easily pull a loaded sea can to its destination anywhere in the USA. Biden wants to move them all over the country anyway, lets use them.

  • Send him to China

  • I wish Dan stood with MTG on January 6th...

  • Never gonna happen. He fits right in with all the liars and cheats.

  • Impeach him impeach the vice president impeach Nancy Pelosi and AOC Make a government smaller exquisite to Big and get rid of all these people have been here too long and we know who they are

  • Crenshaw voted again for a red flag law. If anyone should impeached it’s him…

  • You cant just turn the key and go in an 18 Wheeler.....I have to know volumes of rules and regs to drive my tanker.

  • The point is not about saving people from COVID. It's about destroying this country, and the COVID mandates are a tool to get the job done. If the administration were truly concerned about COVID, they wouldn't have opened the borders to allow all of these unchecked people into OUR country!

  • "I don't like people indoctrinating children!" *Writes his own child propaganda*

  • Mayorkas is for illegal aliens because he came to the USA as one. It came out of the wolf's mouth. He said it himself. He told congress that when they were asking him questions if the border was close....etc.


  • So why the hell isn't anyone in Congress bringing this up and getting this idiot out the door and the next idiot after him who refuses to enforce our immigration laws??????

  • Crenshaw is a one-eyed Election stealing denier RINO, traitor.

  • Lest we forget, By EO, FEMA is given full authority to take over every aspect of our economy, transportation, medical, and energy sectors in times of national emergency. We’re headed into it eyes wide open. It started with eliminating our energy independence and is compounded by paying people to stay home. When food and consumer goods run short is when we’ll lose our rights under a National Emergency. “Stand down and stand by.” Was not a threat it was a warning.

  • Everything's jumped in price and we have such shortages of products its man made and we have no one who's leading our country. No one has guts to stand up and say stop. Truth is they paid farmers to get rid of food they have created this problem for control we need to be the America we have been and take our government back

  • Bad idea to get government involved. Never forget, it is that same government that creates the "crisis" then swoops in with their "solution". We can go with less and wait for the private sector to work it out.

  • As a DHS employee set to retire instead of getting jabbed, I pray you get rid of Mayorkas..

  • Red flag laws are unconstitutional. Is Crenshaw a conservative?

  • The military has a shortage of drivers right now too.

  • He's right not enough truckers because of electronic tracking that is federal govt. Mandated. This tech allows a computer to tell the truck driver when he can and can't work. The folks in Washington, all of them and their cohorts at the state level, are to blame for this debacle. If we do not stand up and fight this garbage this country will fall and I'm not sure it doesn't deserve to.

  • The nat’l guard has day jobs. As politicians throw around the idea of using the guard they are erroneously offering solutions that couldn’t be further from being a sound choice b/c they are suggesting to sacrifice one sector of the economy to support another. Ever heard of robbing Peter to pay Paul?!? Dolts. Every single one of them. Morons.

  • We don't have a shortage of Truck Drivers Gavan Newsom

  • Deliberate dereliction of duty? Like the marine that conservatives were trying to defend for not following the chain of command to make a video complaining about the military.? Cry me a river

  • Y'know who's _really_ feelin' it? Those poor dudes fishing on the shores of canals when two cargo ships pass each other.


  • With so many Americans leaving the workforce we will have to start asking border crossers if they can drive a truck. They apparently don't need to be vaccinated either so that solves that problem.

  • The fury administration knew this was going to happen because THEY PLANNED it....... the VP Harris said weeks and weeks ago that we should start ordering Christmas gifts 😲😲😲😲😲😲 just like the pandemic...Bill Gates predicted it !😲😲 its ALL a lie ! 🤪🤪

  • Maybe bidens wants hire al-qaeda pilots, like the Mexican truck drivers.

  • alot of talk but still no action bla,bla bla

  • This is all on purpose! Why are we even making any excuses for the Biden administration they know exactly what they’re doing communism here we come!

  • We will never kneel to tyranny, good luck trying to catch us! 🏃‍💨💉

  • Biden signed an executive order for the wall to stop! Mayorkas is just as weak! This whole Regime stinks of cowards and socialists ‼️‼️

  • What about California's Green New Deal preventing any trucks older than 3 years from entering the ports?

  • National Guard needs to be at the border, not driving trucks. You want to end the truck driver shortage? Raise their pay and treat them better. There have been cases that after you factor in time spent doing pre trip inspections, being stuck in traffic and waiting to get loaded and unloaded that truckers were making less than minimum wage.

  • I second that motion!!!!

  • Instead of lip service, Crenshaw needs to TAKE ACTION !

  • All about forcing people to take a vaccine that doesn't even work like omg wake.up. losers.why r. U. So stupid.

  • Ummmm How about Bidens impeachment?

  • Krenshaw just voted for red flag laws. Clear violation of your rights. By definition makes him a traitor to this nation. Rino!

  • Just tired of all the talk and no action. Why do we pay any of these people when they do not do the will of the people. Will the real adults in our government please stand up.

  • Thought they was looking forward to herd community ??? Maybe the elites are replacing all of us for AI …..I can’t keep up …

  • Is California banning truckers with trucks older then 6 yrs ???

  • I call for the impeachment of Dan Crenshaw for being an anti-2A RINO.

  • Crenshaw is a traitor

  • Can't they be sued for dereliction of Duty?

  • How is Biden getting away with side stepping the Constitution? Why aren't Republicans fighting hard against this NWO. And the socialist life they want for everyone.

  • A lot of people can't drive a semi. Including National Guard. Let our truck drivers do their jobs and stay out of our medical decisions .

  • Yes truck drivers sit home for 300 from unemployment and 300 them the state that's 600 a week truck drivers make a lot more then that my dad was a truck driver he made 4,000 a mouth he loss money sitting home so what is it really Joe loves to lie

  • Why not let 18 year old get their cdls to deliver goods to stores

  • People are more concerned about being helped out of the stinking morass of Trump's debt and deficit disaster.

  • The Republicans and President Donald J. Trump had 100% handle on everything and the United States was not in this situation, and know where close to it. Everything was working great until the minute 5hat Stupid Imbecile Illegally Elected joe biden put his nasty foot in the White House. Proven Fact!!!

  • What happened to the impeachment of Stupid joe biden?

  • The traitor here is Crenshaw.

  • If this was made in the US this would be an issue and quality would be good again!

  • Only After he resigns for his.

  • STOP !!! lessoning To this Traitor Crenshaw. To those who are Patriots, he is not, Just two weeks ago he voted to ban all semi-auto's pistils and rifles. He is no friend to us who holed the 2nd amendment true. Check his voting record if you don't want to believe this.