Jen Psaki holds White House press briefing

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing.

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  • Let's go Brandon

  • Let's go Brandon!

  • I am convinced this Psaki character is the devil. The woman looks you in the eye and lies with a straight face.

  • On Jan 27 2021, Biden passed and executive order to put restrictions on DEISEL. WARROOM STEVE BANNONS SHOW JUST CONFIRMED THIS. TRUCKS USE DEISEL and are up to standards of the Biden Green BS DEAL! FU BIDEN AMD FU PATTY

  • I havent been back to work cause I'm not wearing your sick satanic mask mandates that you have brainwashed all these doctors offices. So now I'll be doing something else. Maybe work in RAT control and come and spray DC. IT'S INVESTED 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 6 RATS=BIDEN =SATAN.

  • LET'S GO PATTY. As in Peppermint Patty. Let's get this rolling everyone!


  • Is we the people don't want it

  • Let's go Brandon!

  • Joetatoe

  • Evict biden. Let’s go Brandon


  • Had to go through 5 White House videos before I found one with the comments still on. The Administration no longer, if they ever did, want to hear your opinions...they only want your money.

  • Quick reminder: Deuteronomy 31:6 Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

  • Jen Psaki for #1 liar in the U.S.! Lets go Jen-nay!

  • They absolutely abhor Texas and Florida because they will not bow to their tyrannical orders. Joey Boy cannot pass a federal law by himself. People are leaving jobs because we don’t want to take that deathly jab. I love how they blame the “unvaxed” for the imaginary hospitalizations and overflowing hospitals. Whole administration is a joke. It’s like watching the Elementary school bully rule the playground. Oh and Psaki keeps the lies alive. I hope you know we see right through your lies and deception Jen, Joe, Kamala , and all Dems. We know you have to keep the covid alive in order to cheat on the elections. Do they really think we believe this crap?

  • get the vac it saves lives think about the people who have poor health that don't even know

  • Let’s go Brandon!!!

  • Why does she even show up she’s useless

  • Uh, ah um, ahh um..🙄. Can always tell someone's lying when they stutter with those words

  • We should have Iraqi officials pay close attention to our elections to make sure that nobody is messing around with the results? They aren't the ones cheating

  • The man was never elected.. He was installed he was installed by cheating the American people like a public restroom into the White House

  • Psaki uh uh uh blah blah blah uh uh ya

  • $330,000,000 to date for Afghanistan. That is almost enough to give every American a million dollars. All the businesses we could start, pay off our personal debts and make our own economy boon!

  • Joe Biden is NOT my doctor!

  • She is such a liar. COVID isn’t shutting down production her boss is

  • I❤️🤍💙Peter! This patriot is a real journalist!

  • The president is waiting to find a doctor like Fauci, to falsify his physical.

  • Slave for technocrats!!!

  • Just once, I want her to, in full complete detail, what they mean when they keep saying, "end the pandemic". If you are of the thought that there's a point at which no human gets Covid-19 ever again, you have been completely deceived.

  • Where is Joe Biden??? Why can't he answer these questions.. She addresses the American public as if she is the president.....

  • She said “Biden sees his view as finding common ground!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Trump said some dumb things but Biden can’t climb stairs, form a sentence or read a teleprompter.

  • let's go Brandon!

  • Nobody likes you

  • Hello, welcome everyone, im jen "psycho" psaki and i will not answer any questions in which i will be forced to tell the truth or any questions that will make the president look like more of a moron than he already is.

  • Always blaming Trump, hahahaha

  • Let's go Brandon!

  • Anxious to hear some more lies......

  • Are they really legitimate journalists????????

  • What you're doing to Biden is ELDER ABUSE and nothing else.

  • People's choice: you're all fired because you don't care about any of us

  • Once again the muppet spokes head Janerxia attempts damage control with more lies. You can see the stress of her constant lying is taking a toll on her!

  • Does she have immunity or can she be tried for treason if it's found she is lying?

  • Why doesn’t the press Corp just not show up and see what Biden’s group does?!!!

  • She's so, uhhh, NASTY, uhhh SNARKY, uhhh UNPROFESSIONAL, and, uhhhh BAD LIAR

  • America does not need this


  • She lies SOOO SOO much. The airline issue wasnt cause 6000 air traffic control employees are REFUSING VAX MANDATES? Hmmm. I heard otherwise from actual SWA employees. LIES, all the time. This is why D approval is in the 20-30% range. STOP LYING!

  • What a low life liar representing the ultimate lairs! Jen "Deceptions" Psaki! 😝

  • She is dripping with lies

  • uhh umm ahhh uhhh umm uhh

  • Thank you for real information real Facts, you rock

  • Lies. As usual

  • It’s all about complying with these politicians n their vaccine mandates

  • All lies and corruption

  • Let's go Brandon.....Lets go Biden.......Lets go Biden. lol

  • Ephesians 4:17, NIV: "So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking." Ephesians 4:17, ESV: "Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds." Ephesians 4:17, KJV: "This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind," Ephesians 4:17, NASB: "So I say this, and affirm in the Lord, that you are to no longer walk just as the Gentiles also walk, in the futility of their minds," Ephesians 4:17, NLT: "With the Lord's authority I say this: Live no longer as the Gentiles do, for they are hopelessly confused." Ephesians 4:17, CSB: "Therefore, I say this and testify in the Lord: You should no longer live as the Gentiles live, in the futility of their thoughts."

  • If you listen to a speech from Rand Paul, just recently, he shares that according to our own healthcare groups, if you have already had the measles, small pox, (I’ll insert here: chicken pox), then you do. It need the vaccine for them because your body has already developed the needed antibodies to fight off future infection. If you already had it, you don’t need the va€€ine!!! If they (government) what to continually compare this flu to those diseases, then let’s compare ALL factors, not just the ones that propagate this socialist agenda!!!

  • I love how she starts her speech with stating “a once in a century pandemic”. If you look back in history, every 100 years (roughly), there is a “pandemic” that arises and all of them have been planned.

  • Joe Biden is a big joke and 2 bit cheap joke. God bless the USA 🙏😇

  • You suck Jen! Let’s go Brandon!

  • Crickets? No. That's the mainstream media in a spin strategy meeting.

  • I'm good, don't need or want your protection. If it worked that great we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Why aren't we demanding a better Vax before mandating we all get the rushed ones we have?

  • Why are we not committed to our county ?? You got to be kidding !

  • She is a lier just like biden.

  • Public health is a joke in our fast food industry haha stop lying!

  • The previous mandated vaccines were for situations where over 50% of the population was affected and NOT for the flu that has a 98% recovery rate

  • The reporter should ask Jen does Joe Biden believe "if you have a problem wondering whether you should take the vaccine or wear a mask then you ain't black"

  • The bill will "change lives" alright

  • Orange woman bad... at her job.

  • Walks in with a mask on (oh look at me) just to take it off , she had that on less than a minute ahahaha🤘Let's go Brandon 😘

  • They're going to cause suicides with all the jobb losses due to these jab mandates.

  • "Congress can get things done quickly" since when?!?!?!?!?

  • Liar COVID deaths are up because of your no closed border policies, parents decide what is best for there children no you are corrupt administration,. Inflation is because of your spending and cancelling projects that help make America safe and energy independent

  • Let’s go Brandon… !

  • ***Fox News Alert*** Jen circles back and renames the "Build Back Better" agenda to "Biden Bungles Better". Joe did this.

  • Reporter: Why are the store shelves empty? Jen Psaki: The POTUS is following the science of feed a cold...starve a fever. So since fever is a sign of COVID-19 by eliminating access to food we can stop the virus. Next question?

  • Ha! Only jumped on to say 15 hours and only 72k views! Not watching it!

  • バイデン大統領は1日に3時間以上働かないって本当ですか?

  • Lets go Jen Socky !!!

  • Would someone please tell that woman if that's what she is That No One Believes her no one

  • She deserves punishment behind that door lol shieeee … don’t make me interview her.

  • 🐂💩

  • Garbage

  • Garbage

  • Oh jen, Don't bother circling back, WE'LL JUST WAIT HERE !!!!

  • 🤢🤭🤭🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Just an FYI. My daughter who is only 12 yrs old, now carries more national debt $ than I owe on my house at 54 yrs old. She hasn't even started to work! Think about this people? You're in the same situation too!!!

  • Anybody else as disgusted as I am with all this B.S. ?

  • Lying genocide Jen.

  • What about all the cash you guys left in afganistan. Isn't that enough, along with 80 billion in military equipment????

  • The spokesperson for the lying party is back.

  • I can't even stand to listen to her anymore. Sickening!!!

  • Everyone in the Biden Administration, including Biden, all stutter when they speak. All of them they're 2 favorite words to use are, "ahh & ummm". Thats a good clue how much they lie. They have to think about what to say instead of speaking the truth which you dont have to think about, its always there in your mind... Lies, lies, lies...

  • A cut isant a cut 5.4 trillion is Zero! Right does this new calculation system apply to my federal taxes as well.

    • Theirs followers are ignorant enough to believe it, so they think everyone is.

  • Wow Jen -- the questions you dance around and interrupt are things that we, the people want to know. Soooo many Americans are sick…. VERY SICK of being spoon fed the narrative on COVID. Certainly the virus is a concern but perhaps not in the way you think. At any rate, I think there’s room for other questions/ concerns to be addressed. Cutting away from anything that may make J Brandon look worse does not install confidence in the American people. Why don’t you talk about these things? Where’s the promised transparency? Or will you circle back to that?


    • Learn at least a little science, Julian. Stop being so pathetic.

  • So after they have been fired they are no longer contagious.

  • The constant deception is causing her skin to pale and lose it's elasticity. For your own good remove yourself from the infected. Telling the truth is not a option for you obviously. They would disapear you if you spoke your truth. Your skin is your largest organ.

  • Laws are made by Congress sense you gave me a chance, not by a presidential calculation. But Sloppy Joe says 100s of people losing their job for refusing to get vac is actually a really good thing. HOW