Dana Perino: Bizarre Kamala video with child actors straight out of 'Veep' | Guy Benson Show

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Dana Perino joined the 'Guy Benson Show' to talk about the bizarre Kamala Harris space video that used child actors.

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  • Is there anything 'real' about this current administration?

  • She is out there, way out there…

  • That's what it looks like when a demon spews lies... "Ye can be like gods..." Famous last words. Tick tock tick tock Satan's running out of time!

  • The video is as fake as the woman herself. And almost as worthless. Do not believe a word she or her boss Brandon says. She's a disgusting phony.

  • The question is, who’s been MIA the longest? Brian Laundrie or Kamala Harris?

  • She ruined their acting careers . Those kids parents should shamed

  • Dana, you spent a lot of time lying for a war criminal....smh

  • The whole world is laughing at the United Snakes.

  • Aren’t all the politicians we’ve elected actors? They don’t act like they care about their jobs.

  • Usually she gets paid for services rendered. At least she is putting some money back into the hollywood elites this time.

  • Just when ya think it can’t get worse, HARRIS APPEARS!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Kamala is an embarrassment to America..

  • What if kamala is actually a good person, what if she isn't part of that cabal government and she is just playing this part to get information or dig deeper to find out who the enemies are. What if she is really on Americans side and is playing this evil role to real to not be found out. There has to be people playing evil parts to better our nation and likewise. Has anyone asked Jesus about her?

  • Watch those kids there looking at her light just give me my check

  • She was high on coke

  • Watching her go on and on about the border catastrophe saying "Root Causes" is like Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde" going on about it being 'Germain' Germain Germain. So phoney

  • Let's Go Brandon Administration!

  • The Nasa youtube channel has comments turned off' and only 2k likes to over 21k dislikes...😱

  • Probably didn't want the normal kids saying' let's go Brandon...😂

  • They are insulated when they go to DC. They are surrounded by like minded people that do not let other opinions be spoken. They do not really know how real Americans live and survive.

  • That’s a stupid story. So much more important to talk about.

  • It looks like Hollywood isn't the only one's WAY over paid "actors'

  • Camel Harris does not want to be VP. She wants to be First Lady. And, you can tell by the way she talks to those kids that she has never had children. Someone else's adult offspring do not count.

  • Send her to outer space now!

  • nothing says FAKE than having to pay kids $5 to listen to you talk, but it's not the first time democrats bribed people, obama phones, vax raffles, free french fries (LMAO, that's real)....etc.....

  • Kamala found her inner AOC.

  • Fox kamala, doesn,t like being V. P. SHE WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT. Now the prophesy is a woman will be PRESIDENT. Everyone will hate her BUT GOD IS GOING TO USE HER, Wether it is her, who knows, GOD DOES. ALL I CAN SAY IS JUST PRAY AMERICAN PEOPLE PRAY.

  • Kamala Harris sitcom "SINKING SHIP"cancelled after first episode.🔇

  • This is such a beat up. They were not paid actors.

  • Maniac

  • She constantly talks over the dude and won't let him talk at all, rather rude. :/

  • Lets Go Brandon... Lets Go... Lets Go Brandon.... Lets Go

  • Low IQ Left.

  • Gotta give her Credit. She visited "The Border" (Well, an Airport anyway) that was Only 900 Miles from where the Folks were Actually "Crossing."

  • Well, the "Cackling" (in my opinion) is "Authentic."

  • I thought Jim Carey over acted.

  • The scary thing is, even though none of us believe it right now, she's going to be our next pResident. Sucks.

  • She looks like a little blue bird 🐦 notttttttttt!

  • Did she take off her high heels and put on sneakers and a sweater before sitting down with the actors? Did she sing at the end?

  • I thought she was going to break out into a disney-esque song like Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck-It Ralph 2! I actually had to run to the bathroom because I don't like throwing up in my own mouth!! Additionally, I kind of figured right off they were not picked out of a school only because of the perfect diversity among the group! Practically every ethnic background that exists in America was sitting there! The reactions were just too perfect and fake by the kids let alone kamala's fake Behavior!

  • What accomplishment she is talking about? Harris was selected as VP candidate just and only because she is a "black woman" this is her only an necessary "accomplishment".

  • She is incredibly embarrassing. Such a phony

  • This administration is a sinking ship and the Democrats are the rats !! 🐭

  • She is living up to her qualifications. Which is zero. Heels ups, Harris!

  • Harris said she tried marijuana once, now i believe this was her 2nd time.

  • Who paid for the kids...us..our tax dollars

  • He's trying to wait out this Afghanistan debacle. They think if they hold him back long enough, the press will forget about it and move on to things he wants to talk about. Kamala Harris was blatenly chosen for being a woman of color, period. She isn't qualified for this job.

  • She totally displays her lack of intelligence and maturity. The kids are way past her level.

  • This video is just tooo painful to watch,YUCK!

  • If she's this desperate to do things that make her look good, she could, oh, I don't know...go to the border...

  • had to get paid actors or there could be a chance of them chanting ......Let’s go Brandon!.....can't have that

  • Let's go Brandon!!

  • Should’ve replaced Kamala with an actor.

  • You can tell when someone does not have kids...😒smdh

  • That thing pretending to be the Vice President is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Harris isn’t worthy of a janitor position in an ugly and old federal building.

  • She could much easierly just sponsor a NOwine channel like Anton Petrov for Science. Instead they are trying to make their own with 0 followers and knowledge.

  • She talks to everyone like they’re five. That’s just one problem heels up Harris has

  • Let’s go Brandon!

  • She was too terrified to be around kids that are free to ask questions without a given script.

  • FlipflopFox voted her in.

  • Kamala, is so high...


  • Hollywoodism!!!!

  • This is EMBARRASSING! WE need a revolution to repair THE republic and give the power back to the PEOPLE.

  • "edibles that hit her all at once" LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣 I love people on our side of the argument!

  • Worthless Kamala. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Unqualified for any office.

  • I think Kamala is crazier than Joe

  • Dems as a whole have few naturally conceived children. They utilize others for a supply.

  • This is the exact plan though they're going to get Joe Biden out of office he'll be set for life it's not elder abuse Don't worry about it He's doing their agenda to a t then they're going to have Harris show up and when the Harris is asked why didn't you do anything it'll be because I didn't know what was going on half the time cuz Joe Biden would tell me and when he would tell me what to do he gave me all these nonsense jobs that wouldn't do anything So I couldn't use my actual power as the vice president because Joe Biden wouldn't let me That's what she's going to say That's going to be her excuse she's going to take a page from Joe biden's book and blame everybody but her self because people are the same that they've always been That's what Joe Biden says yesterday's enemies are going to be tomorrow's friends

  • Aww Kamala Harris is getting jobs she doesn't want to do what did she think was going to happen when she was the vice president she's basically a made for the president do whatever I tell you to do the jobs that I don't want to do because I'm giving them to you the vice president 🤣😂 it's funny how the script has flipped how they're all now feeling sorry for Harris and saying if she just as this if she does does this and now they're bashing Joe Biden which they have been doing but before they were bashing both of them see this is why I think Fox News is fake 🤣😂

  • And then it's funny how they're batching her for putting it on NOwine when Fox News is on NOwine so they're bashing NOwine while being on NOwine for allowing Carmela Harris to have a NOwine 🤣😂 what about freedom of speech though freedom of speech means I can say whatever I want It doesn't have to be accurate It doesn't have to be real information freedom of speech means I can say whatever I want

  • Kamala Harris talks to those kids like Fox News and every news station talks to the American people it just seems fake 🤣😂

  • It's funny how they're not denying that they are child actors they're just saying they didn't know that they were child actors 🤣😂

  • you dont laugh its blatent lies they are telling about everything

  • Even hearing it just sounds weird

  • Among many other faults that she has, she seriously needs her adenoids snipped. Her voice is grating as it is. The nasal tone makes it nauseating.

  • Impeach Biden

  • Lol Camela and AOC must go to the same drama classes!😂

  • reminds me when obamy dressed all his staff and interns in white doctor's coats and paraded them in the Rose Garden while he pushed his hideous health care bill

  • How wonderful is it that you people have to try so hard to find such petty things to complain about in this administration!! Hahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Uh. Donald J Trump introduced Space Force, Kammie

  • With tha evil leftists every thing is fake

  • Everything about this Administration is a freak Show

  • And I used a Canadian film company named sinking ship you just can't make this sh t up

  • this using actors is not a new thing. When Obama was in office they used a local community garden to impress some sort of message about community, my friend who lived in Long Beach california and saw the real gardeners (1 in particular who had such pride in his garden and the bounty that came from it, a hispanic man who shared with others) she witnessed them bringing in women dressed in daishikis to be in this "news piece". the man was not in the media piece but his garden was.

  • They hired actors,this is what communist counties do!! How FN unreal!!!

  • Ship harris back to Guatemala. Her home country. She has no place being in our ours.


  • When you're a weirdo you just can't hide it

  • Let's goooooooooooo Brandon!!!

  • Corrupt Swamp queen.

  • She's grooming the kids

  • bad for Americans if FJoeBiden going to HorH(heaven or hell),H → president USA HforHorH

  • There is nothing funny about this. It is propaganda...it is one step closer to becoming communist China.

  • Nothing but lies! Deception is the Art of GOP Strategy politics. No truth; no honor; no integrity!

  • We see this all the time. We see the unqualified person who gets promoted because of who they know instead of their body of work. This is just another example, but at the highest level infront of the entire world.

  • Potential of what?? As the border czar, she should know the potential tragedy, which is actually what is happening, in the border crisis! Ohh Kamala, are you still human??

  • Don’t put Fox News on my feed, this is just stupid.

  • I didn’t hear anything in her words to make fun of. These guys are grasping at straws to make fun of Harris.

    • @Lou Frank Fox

    • What video were you watching ?

  • Heels up Harris 🤮