Here are the worst work-related nightmares: Gutfeld

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Gutfeld! panel discuss their worst nightmares including paying child support, relationships, and public restrooms.

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines how the president's mandates are hurting the nation
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  • I still have nightmares about missing exams and not realizing I had signed up for a class in college....and I graduated decades ago!

  • I can think of another recent work-related nightmare.

  • Dang gutfeld is short

  • Does Greg poop out of his mouth in his dream like he does when he's awake? If he could only get mouth constipation while he is awake. Best show on television

  • Lets go Brandon🖕🇻🇳🖕🇻🇳

  • Gutfield skits are better than SNL !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I have that dream, it sucks.

  • So funny.

  • Unless the border wall completed and the border closed, Going back to energy independence, no mandates forcing you to get a shot or lose your job, no more CRT RACISTS training! and fix the supply problem. Every American's should change their Fed tax withholding to EXEMPT! No MORE TAX Money till they COMPLY! Americans run America! NOT the Federal Government! GOD Bless America!

  • I'm retired and I have been losing sleep because you only have sugar pills and placebo stories that fail to make me accept the treason. You are not a part of the solution. You should reexamine your motivations if the money you get paid only keeps you helping America's enemies and being th BIG part of the problem that you are!

  • What ever happened to getting laid? I'm a big fan of that.

  • Not only do I not dream about work, I don't even think about it when I'm not at it. It's hard to be more content than that...

  • My dreams are usually much better than my reality. I guess that says something about my reality.

  • Sadly, I was stuck in a job for a while where this was true…I’d leave work just to go home and dream about work, to go back to a terrible job…

  • Tyrus, you ate a star 🌟

  • Greg, just for you, if you find that toilet don't use it because your still asleep.

  • I also have those TOILET NIGHTMARES!!!! So I'm NOT alone!!!!!

  • Now fox is a late night comedy show? Okay lol good luck with your audience taking you seriously

  • The best comedy!!!

  • I’m retired and still have work stress related dreams

  • When I start a new job or new training on a current job, that's what I'll dream about that night, as if my brain is still processing all that new information.

  • Facing that electric dream right now.


  • I used to dream that I was spending hours trying to get out the door for work...but something crazy or silly kept coming up and I'd never get there. Yikes. (Like I noticed I was naked or wearing a dress, had to change, etc.) I'd wake up stressed!

  • I stopped caring about work long ago, now my dreams are about reality…. I need to start caring about work again. I’m an automotive mechanic, that should be concerning.

  • Oh yea I have a good bit of bathroom anxiety dreams! Plenty of work dreams, few awesome dreams.

  • Dumb and Dumber toilet scene.

  • Joe Machi. OMG. LOL. I think this show has found it's rhythm and is just getting funnier and funnier. It's my must-see each night.

  • "I only have bad dreams when I don't have checks coming in....." most Americans are having bad dreams right now thanks to the biden administration

  • Joe talking about dreams of Kat's husband had me in stitches!!! 🤣😂🤣

  • That toilet dream is your brain telling you you need to pee while you are asleep and the gross toilets are so that you will be too disgusted to use one in your dream...because if you pee in a dream you wake up to a mess!

  • Gutfeld....wait till you start looking for a Toilet and all you can find are those that are made for Titus and you cannot climb up to use them.

  • Tyrus ain't broke

  • I keep having a nightmare biden beat trump.

  • *Ok bye-bye Swag*

  • Everybody has the toilet dream.

  • ...Necro-waffers ?

  • It is quite true that Americans work more hours than most countries...They HAVE to take vacations, most Americans don't even take all vacation days that are alloted to them. People average 12 days when people get 2 weeks vacay, In Europe they get a month minimum... and they take it. They get long enough to travel abroad, and see fun places. Most Americans get enough time to take a quick trip to the mountains or the beach, whatever they can reach in a week... and the other is to visit family. I have NEVER taken all my vacation time... And at my stage I get 5 weeks vacay now. I get 2 weeks for educational enrichment (CE) and money to cover that... and I still don't tend to use it all. What the H**l is wrong with Americans that we don't even take what we get. I'm always seeing people with 300 hours time off built up... Then they retire and lose it all. Or 200 hours sick leave and then they go to the doctor to try to get him to give them a month sick leave just before they retire so they can use it up. I won't do that...because I get to turn back in my leave for pay...!! But I don't often do that! Weird, America...

  • Well, I have dreams many times that solve problems I'm dealing with. I work with automation systems. Not saying this was an intentional thing, it is what it is. Trashing people who have the memory and mental structure to formulate solutions to complex problems while sleeping is an admission to YOUR shortfalls as a problem solver. May you live long and prosper.

  • Dreams are a way for your brain to sort stuff out.

  • Let’s go, Brandan⁉️😖🇺🇸🤔

  • I don't have dreams very often. The few I have had and remember were just really odd.

  • I have been a paramedic for over 40 years-and I personally don’t dream about work. But there is a large number of my coworkers that have PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I think dreaming about work is a sign you need to seek some type of help. Personally I don’t think about work when I’m off duty-and retirement is only a few short months away. May all your dreams be pleasant!

  • My boss is our Lord and savior 🙏🙌❤

  • I’m a male escort. You don’t even want to imagine what my work related nightmares entail. Pray for me.

  • Fox News... the Left supplies enough dribble without your contributions like this vid. You show us this piece and expect us to take you seriously about your other vids? Stuff like this shows us you don't even take yourself as a serious news reporting org. Why should we?

    • You're kidding, right?🤣

  • Let’s go Brandon

  • Om


  • There is alot of Christopher Nolan in this bit. A little "Inception".

  • Greg's dreams mean he has boundary issues with someone in his life. Or feelings of his boundaries being crossed too much, or not having enough personal space. I had the same dreams many years back and investigated what they meant lol.

    • Actually Greg's dreams are his bladder telling his subconscious self to wake up because he has to pee. I often have these same dreams and awaken with my bladder about to burst.

  • Hey YT... F---k you for shadow banning me, you evil, tool of the satanic NWO.

  • I had a job I hated..full time job. I would dream about doing it then wake to realize it was a dream..hated it lol.

  • Go check out the movie Bullworth on prime. It's an oldie but a goodie. Undeniably true.

  • If GUTfeld was actually funny and wasn't such an angry prick (bigotry has that effect, it's a noxious poison) - he could be a short king.

    • What he got going on... That like 3 strikes you out for any woman with choices.

  • NPR national pravda radio

  • CBS communist broadcast service

  • NBC nationals broadcast communism

  • Abc Americans broadcast communism

  • Abc Americans broadcast communism

  • CNN communist news network

  • Joe is criminal and chief and the so called Democrats are organized crime

  • I love Joe Machi's face.

  • Obviously you guys have never had a psychedelic experience, that is sad!!🤡🍄🌞🕉

  • The freezing meeting spatially deserve because bugle climatologically part but a colorful policeman. tenuous, undesirable tooth

  • Dreams and nightmares caused by financial problems trying to pay bills and Biden is not helping

  • I'm living in my own nightmare right now. I'm unemployed, in Texas, and I stopped smoking weed 8 days ago. I'll have to wait another 3 weeks before I dare apply for a job because they are more interested in me pissing in a cup than my job performance. This is hell.

  • I believe the novel Frankestein was written from dreamish nitemares

  • The great Gutfeld

  • Seeing greg next to kat i immediately had to google his height

  • let'S GO BRandon

  • I work overnights so my dream time has been replaced with coffee and cigarettes.

  • I had bad dreams when I would start a new job. I would get training and then I will be overwhelmed and could not do it. 🙀

  • If you are having a dream that your peeing you better wake up soon or else...

  • I have dreams of grocery prices going up, and the world going to crap oh wait .. dreams became reality

  • That's called nocturnal enuresis, Greg. It's time to visit a doctor.

  • I had a bad dream Air Force one went down in DC & the Potomac was red. I was really upset about the water. I woke up not knowing what the red water meant.

  • This channel is full of gullible and LUNATIC people. Go get a job.

  • I dream of those responsible for the deaths of 13 soldiers, three adults, seven children and countless civilians and allies also those left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan 😂😆🤣😛😆🤣😛🤣😛😆🤣😛😆🤣😛

  • "I found a toilet! My life is fulfilled!" Greg Gutfeld

  • I had a dream America turned communist. Oh wait, that wasn't a dream!!!!

  • Watching this at work, hiding in the laundry room. Not even one dream about work.

  • For News and hosts history has it place You all will be remembered for helping and supporting Trump for all the wrong that Fox Trump did to this country Fox News why you all can't name five good things Trump and his Gop did for America

  • Gut you are Durango . How do anyone listen to you or Fox news . period Gut you got the right name because you are gutless , and sick crazy

  • Thanks Greg Gutfeld Et Al.🙂 “Pls, not in my dreams” one pr(ajys?😁

  • Kat should have had a dream like weekend at bernies but with gutfeld as bernie

  • YEP: First World Syndrome!


  • I'm thinking it's more like people's work lives are invading their personal lives and their feeling traumatized so they're processing it and they're sleep which is the only time they have available.

  • This is true I was at a urinal at SMI headquarters in Japan and a woman was actually sleeping between my legs while I was urinating different cultures are amazing.

    • Why would choose there to go? That shows you're thought process, not hers

  • Ephesians 4:17, NIV: "So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking." Ephesians 4:17, ESV: "Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds." Ephesians 4:17, KJV: "This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind," Ephesians 4:17, NASB: "So I say this, and affirm in the Lord, that you are to no longer walk just as the Gentiles also walk, in the futility of their minds," Ephesians 4:17, NLT: "With the Lord's authority I say this: Live no longer as the Gentiles do, for they are hopelessly confused." Ephesians 4:17, CSB: "Therefore, I say this and testify in the Lord: You should no longer live as the Gentiles live, in the futility of their thoughts."


  • I remember having dreams of working & I would wake up even more tired. Then bite everyone's heads off, when I was at work.. It told me time for a new job. That's what my dreams about work did for me.

  • That's awesome Greg about your finding a toilet in your dreams !! That's MINE also! I'm in some town or a huge house I do pee in my dreams, but it's never enough right after I'm looking for another bathroom. In my dreams every 5 mins I'm running for a bathroom. Then i wake up and tun to the bathroom lol

  • Every time I see Joe Mackey and all I can think of is a large male version of Mary Lou Retton the gymnastics girl he looks just like her

  • True dream mastery is when you wake up to pee and then go back to the same dream.

    • I do it all the time. It's really cool. I remember those dreams more vividly too. They are always good dreams.

    • I do that, but it's ACT II, so similar, but not the same. And being a tangential thinker, aka "ADD", I walk through a door and I'm in a different reality.

  • Biden & Harris Folly =26AUG2021

  • Let’s go Brandon!

  • Dreams are crazy and scary and some will come to be true.

  • Your boss says you look like COCKFeld! OMG