The Five slam supply chain handling: We are in a danger zone

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
Panel reacts to supply chain crisis causing inflation, set to disrupt Christmas

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  • Natural disasters what about man made disasters that Biden has created fix those first.

  • over 2 Million Americans die every year (nearing 3 million) ever since 2000. Stupid SOB likely never even considered what that number is since covid hit. I imagine he has zero clue.

  • Donald Trump is a con man, it is indisputable…how can anyone believe that an entitled dope who lost his dads entire fortune and bankrupted every business he ever ran could run our nation… do your homework check out his history with his mentor Roy Cohn. Trump used our country like a personal bank account he is a danger to mankind

  • Who gives a f!$k about pegan a Christmas isnt going to matter when all the water is out and electric is shut off.

  • So Geraldo just had to throw in the fact that he was able to buy his last of the bunch a car like he did the other siblings! How’s that a bad thing? Who wouldn’t want a car when they reach 16? Opposed to kids might not have a good Christmas because of what the president and government is doing! He likes to bragged about things I noticed with him. Thank God my kids are big! 3 adults and the last one of the bunch is 15 going on 16 and all he likes is his game systems. So he don’t make Christmas time hard for me. God see what they’re doing to us people and if you believe in God in Jesus mighty name,well he’s the best of everything you can get. The heck with the things of this world. They don’t care about us like MJ SAID!! BUT GOD DOES! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Biden don't care .just wants to play dictator and help Pelosi steal tax dollars.

  • Hey Heraldo.. you said businesses should order their inventory in time for delivery when they need it... why didn't you order your daughters new mini four Months ago??

  • Absolutely correct Greg, and what were the last couple of things that scared them?

  • They are hell bent on destroying the economy ,and us the people

  • More lies

  • That dwarfs the invasion fleet in WWII on D Day. I had visions about this. We are going to be invaded!

  • Why aren't we just going full America for these products then? Don't need ships for that. This is all created purposely I'd wager

  • Ships. We have ships ! Louisiana! Right here in Louisiana we have long term relationships with Celtic Center are family. My family came from Italy and started a self-sufficient community that thrived. Ropoloville, Was once located in North Baton Rouge. They would stop traffic twice a day so the mules could haul the inventory off the barges shipyard here needed for the industrial and the community needed . Thank you for your support.

  • Geraldo go away…You defending Joe is showing how much you’ve sold out.

  • You guys disappoint me. Geraldo said what if this was Trump. Yea, Geraldo what if it was? Would you still be saying you’re putting too much blame on the president? I don’t think so. You’d be standing on his neck with both feet, you hypocrite.

  • The bottom line is other country's is no longer takin u.s treasury bonds !

  • 💩 show run by a 🤡

  • Geraldo talking about his daughter's car. Joe Biden is a Brrrrrrrrrr. He caused this whole thing.

  • This is all a plan for making the way the rich 🤑 & powerful never ever going to be starving

  • I think smerics has had enough. Thanks for voting for Joe Biden. None of this is from the pandemic it's only from handing out more money to get more votes. Seriously where is the urgency? There's some scene going on and we will see it sooner than later

  • its all lies they just tryna get people to give up their rights the ones who took the arm juice cant get their rights back they gave up the nuremberg code rights ill starve and die before i give up my rights dont fall for their fear tactics if you do youll never be able to stand up for what you believe in ever again

  • DIY gifts, hand-crafted gifts. But the corporate stooges at Fox News need their Guccis, Bentleys, etc. for Christmas.

  • I could think of nothing sweeter than these mega cities that have drugged us down to this point going into chaos and burning into hell!

  • Where TRUMP!!!

  • What store shelves are empty? Hmmm... What can BLM Loot now 🤔


  • Rent has doubled where I live since the pandemic... it's ridiculous

  • This feed is evidence of how easily the masses are mislead.

  • This is nothing to do with supply chain... except for truckers... The truckers are boycotting ALL BLUE STATES PROTESTING THE VAX MANDATE! NO TRUCKERS ARE NOT HAULING IN BLUE STATES

  • So what is Biden supposed to do? Commandeer the shipping ports and trucking companies through imminent domain? Hire government truck drivers to make up the shortage? Hire government stock clerks to put products on the shelves? Create a government owned manufacturing system to produce products? These republicans complain about big government, but then cry that the government isn't big enough to just fix all the problems. But that's not what they want. They want the government to stop enforcing WORKER PROTECTIONS so that private companies can slave drive without consequences. If you've got all this demand, then there's money being paid for products. All this money coming in, but wages staying the same? Truck drivers not getting a raise for the extra work? Port workers not getting raises for extra demand? Supply and demand isn't just about products, it's also about labor. Demand for labor is skyrocketing but wages are not going up. Economics 101. You want labor you PAY for it. If you can't find labor at the price you are offering, pay more. If you still can't find any - PAY MORE. You'll eventually find a price that someone with do the work. And it's hilarious that you'll blame Biden for the empty shelves today, but not a peep about Trump when the shelves were empty last year. The private sector has been using the "just on time" model to stock their shelves since long before Trump or Biden got in office. They gambled that there would NEVER be a hiccup in the supply chain and new shipments would always arrive just as the shelves got bare. They did it so they wouldn't have to pay for warehouse space and store backup inventory. This would be a great idea if we had low demand or local manufacturing that can take up the slack in an emergency. But we don't have manufacturing in this country anymore. That's not Biden's fault. That's the private sector's fault. They wanted cheap Chinese labor instead of supporting American workers. You can thank Nixon for opening trade with China, and you can thank capitalism for wanting to squeeze every single cent of profit out of everything no matter what the cost to American workers. Now their greed has come back to bite them, and what do they do? BLAME THE WORKERS? And these fully vaccinated millionaire pundits sit in their comfortable air conditioned studio and complain that they might not get their Christmas presents on time?

  • All liars ,thieves

  • Its laughable that this guy is talking about his daughter's car is going to be delivered in 4 months wow what big problems he has. You can afford to get her a good used vehicle.

  • Useless idiots bring back some one who can sort it out you know who I mean B T

  • It's govt created supply chain issues,. Let the the effen boats in dimentia joe.

  • So Biden is even thinking about Americans abandoned in Afghanistan????

  • We just need to start making things in the USA

  • Can we get a white house press secretary ? That's as smart as? 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Oh! My bad. I guess we do. I'll circle back when I learn Chinese

  • Gifts, food, materials all over rated- just be minimalst.

  • Wonder why bill gates is buying so much land I see why

  • You are so full of it! We know what you are up to!!!

  • Lets go Brandon

  • Ppl should be asking why during the Biden Administration?? Why not during the Trump Administration??? EXACTLY. 👹

  • I'm no expert, but it looks to me like these ships are riding high in the water.

  • You are making us hate a country we loved at one point being in a position to beg for something that we used to work for this is not a recovery it's a mess and ypuveade it

  • So we have to go out and get wherever we need it's ther

  • You can open the ports for 24 hours all you want but that doesn't help the truck drivers. Legally we can only run 11 hours of driving. They'll need to lift the federal regulations and get the covid mandates under control.

  • Geraldo is out of touch

  • Does Jen even know what she's saying

  • LOT of our goods are from may or may not be aware of this but CHINA has been hit the hardest when it comes to the work force shortages due to delays, COVID-19 restrictions, and millions of deaths RELATED to the CORONAVIRUS.

  • Socialism? Are you kidding me 😜? This is psicos and idiots in charge.🥵🤣👹💀⚰️

  • Qué Bruto y superficial es Grraldo🥵😲😱

  • Geraldo is clueless

  • The Dems are following the Sal Alynski book for radicals step by step.

  • Ooo well it’s a wide mutli layer issue that will take years to address. Well it only took you half a year to create it.

  • Geraldo is a moron. Why is he at the table?

  • She is lying!! They are doing it ins purpose to make the country crash.

  • Dems are running this country .......into the ground.

  • Everything Biden touches turns to sh*t

  • Im willing to bet people don't even know what "in house" means.

  • Why do they let Heraldo speak 🤷‍♂️

  • Everything is by design.... lousy, corrupt, national governments are deliberate in order to bring in the United Nations (NWO)

  • Poppycock

  • Well, if your on unemployment, social security, welfare, stimulus, free money programs, living with your mom dad or family members rent free….acquired an Internet income or jumped the border to work on that house down the street for under the table money, you really don’t need an introduction 🤷‍♀️

  • Oh bs

  • Irs on purpose

  • It’s time to PRAY for our ENEMIES…….

  • Joe Biden derailed everything president trump establish that was good for the United states of America and the people

  • This Bs they plain this years ago

  • Plan plan

  • Geraldo is a commie clown. He shouldn't be on any news channel, at any time.

  • Has any addressed most of this stems from The EPA regulations on trucks required to enter the docks? The truckers are ready and waiting but their trucks are 10years or older...

  • Why don't you tell us why shipping has stopped factually You don't know? Research EPA lawsuit

  • Meanwhile the drug trade is booming it's terrible I'm having to sell my house so I've had for 31 years. Life's getting harder

  • F*** that s*** Trump it's time to fight I'm ready


  • Somebody needs to ask Slow Joe what the hell are we gonna do when we run outta food and household items

  • Oh nos Geraldo!!!! You’re 16 year old has to wait 4 months for her brand new car?!?! Is she going to be ok? Out. Of. Touch.

  • The Gov is doing this on purpose to shut down small businesses and focuses on the big businesses.

  • Didn’t know Hiraldo was so stupid !

  • nobody can recieve items yet all the multi billionaires still have rising profits.... 🙄

  • Don't wanna hear all yer sad face stories and anecdotes. Just give the news and leave the opinions to Gutfeld .

  • I can see a few ships go missing in the Bermuda triangle via drone strike

  • Lmfaooooo she lies like a dirty rug

  • Why not just push forward with the autonomous semis if truck drivers don’t want to work the Technology exists to fix this problem

  • Public offices need to bud-out of the food chain, this should compell people to start growing their own food.

  • "C'mon man" - Sloppy Joe

  • anyone relize joe biden wants the crash?he is part of the new world order once things to collapse the world order takes over wake up people

  • That last guy, whats his name? hahahaahahaa what a dumbazz

  • This debacle has been caused by Biden's govt. "A supply chain issue".... They WANT this to run on years and year. The longer they have to maintain control and print useless money to flood the system.

  • The FIVE should start doing a "What would Trump do" segment every week, addressing each crisis.

  • All you need is the Lord Jesus Christ

  • The military needs to check all these ships. It would be a good way to invade America. China, United nations, illegal immigrants that have covid. Joe Biden is a puppet, Obama is in control of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

  • I recognize that this isn’t going to be a popular opinion … but is it really that bad that we can’t buy all the useless crap that we consume from Walmart or Costco? The benefit to all this is that companies might actually reopen manufacturing in the US rather than having it abroad.

  • Could possibly be an invasion force inside the cargo containers very sneaky if it is but it's just a real back up in Ocean containers to be able to get stuff out of warehouses

  • Guess i going to need a chain saw to burn wood to keep my family warm

  • All I want for Christmas is one share of Moderns stock!

  • They are lieing to americans

  • Years and years translates to "we have no idea on how to fix the problem nor do we want to even though we caused it by design".

  • I’m so tired of listening to these rich people talk… just talk.

  • A fair percentage of Biden voters must have regrets. Everything is worse since he took office and that cannot be denied.