Bret Baier on Kamala Harris space video: I thought the story was fake

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
The 'Special Report' host called out the vice president for recruiting child actors to appear a NASA video.

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  • 1 minute into that video I thought of suicide. This is the most staged cringing thing by far Harris has done . I’m sick of this administration it really needs to be taken over to save this country or else we are all doomed .

  • All comments on The White House and NASA and Telegraph turned off. Crazy ratio of dislike to like shows how we feel. Let us speak dickwads!

  • The Kamala video with hired actors is very reminiscent of a NK propaganda video.

  • Bret is a fake as well.

  • If you are interested in space,,take Joe for a CT scan because there is plenty of empty spaces in his head to explore

  • Harris stop it plz stop it...she is an absolute weapon!!

  • Fake just like the government.

  • Kick Biden out and his little witch tooo!

  • This whole administration is a joke.

  • I guess no one told Kamala that the telescope had been invented in 1609 that allowed Galileo to see the craters on the moon, and yes, they were with his OWN EYES. To be sure the kids understood EYES, she pointed to her own.

  • There are so many dislikes on every station this video is played on. They aren’t fooling anyone. It’s so fake it’s sickening. VP talking to them like they are five years old… smh

  • “Poor staff work” is all that Democrats have to offer. Pay attention. They’re idiots.

  • Snapping at journalist for asking real questions? 🤔.wonder who started that! Wait..... Think it was Trump

  • Oh, Gosh! Kamala is an actress! LET'S GO, BRANDON!!!...

  • Let's Go Brandon!

  • Kamala is truly gut wrenching. Truly Pathetic.

  • The way she's talking I would think these kids were 2 or 3 years old

  • HAHAHAHA its ACTUALLY called sinking ship. -10.000 student loans HAHA

  • Projection and vitriolic envy is so immature. You all have completely exposed your desperation .

  • Of course! It’s all fake and theatre people, so are these reporters trust no one other than your brothers and sisters that also see the fake

  • Why are there so many n-words in that video?

  • ❤❤A guy walks into a store. He sees three brains on display. One is a Libertarian Brain, priced at $300. The second is a Republican Brain, priced at $275. The third is a Democrat Brain, priced at $5,000,000. The Guy asks the sales clerk, "Man, why does the Democrat brain cost so much more than the other two?" The clerk replies, "Well, sir, that brain has never been used”.

  • Her staff doesn't like her I think they are leaking this information just to spite her 🤨

  • How could anyone miss that they were child actors? Just by watching the video it's blatantly obvious. The whole thing was gross as hell.

  • Harris nailed it

  • Not even an American Production Co. Sickening!

    • Lol

  • Why is Harris no longer hosting this?

  • a human invasion takes place at our Southern border...

  • Stick to voting white ppl America ! 😂

    • Look at all the n-words. Disgusting.

  • She’s pattheic! We already have a unintelligible President that is making our Great Country look weak and ridiculous. All they care of about is how many US Citizens they can “bribe or fear mongel” into getting the COVID-19 vaccine, as they try to also bend and twist the Constitution of the United States! These ppl are exactly what our Forefathers warned us about!! “WE THE PEOPLE” is becoming something our small children and then their Children will not how much it took for “People and By The People “ and how sacred this is supposed to be!!

  • What kind of f*cking idiot doesn't realize that it's actors? Obviously, morons that have never watched Bill Nye the Science Guy. They aren't trying to pretend to be real. Oh, wait, fox newz watchers don't know the difference between reality and fiction, nor science and fiction 🙄🙄

  • Shes a real idiot. She is so fake it hurts to watch this blundering goofball

  • Surprised?

  • JFK she ain’t.

  • How many times did everyone throw up? I had to quit at 3. Jesus, that is the most cringe I've ever seen. You can look up and see the craters on the moon by the way

  • lmao. cant make this sh1t up

  • Shes frickin horrible

  • Kamala keeps trying hard to prove how shallow and incompetent she is. Do the job that requires your full is not that hard. CLOSE THE BORDER!!!

  • Racist white males

  • The only thing fake Bret was you and your FAKE EARLY CALL OF A BIDEN WIN IN ARIZONA

  • Kamala as Vice President does more to protect Joe Biden than the secret service ever could. Things can always get worse.

  • i’m not a child actor, i didn’t play a child actor on TV, i didn’t even sleep in a Holiday Inn express last night…and i know this is more woke culture, glue huffing, insipid progressive pornography.

  • if i had not seen with my own eyes, my own eyes, the crater between Camel Toes’ ears i wouldn’t have believed it!

  • Maybe this was commie harris audition for her next job in CA as actress after her bomb out as VP.

  • Advanced God kid game

  • Did you understand in bits

  • For all the brainwashed, news flash “space is fake”

  • This woman is a pathetic loser. As phony as they come. Any other job, she'd be fired.

  • We also send you cold Canadian artic airmasses filled with snow. Haha

  • The staff?? She’s the Vice President!!!!! It’s not a staff problem.

  • Well what does anyone expect from a fake vp and fake video and children done by a company called a sinking ship, it fits for anyone on the evil Biden administration.

  • In the next online encyclopedia entry for "Chewing the Scenery" there will be a link to Kamala's Space Video.

  • Her act doesn't fool me....... Spooky creeps the whole bunch!

  • What the hell does that woman actually do in the government?

  • She fits in perfect because every time I see her, her personality is TOTALLY FAKE!

  • The funniest part of this is that super woke mega lender Quicken Loans has 30 years talking to each other with this same sing song overstatement. 'This is sooo amaaaazing.

  • She hasn't uttered a sincere word in her life.

  • if trump did this they would have impeached him

  • But Kamel toe is the biggest puke of all

  • Yuck 🤮 Harris is a puke

  • I think this administration is suffering from severe dissociative disorder.

  • In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fantasy is healthy for our youth. However We The People must not fantasize regarding the Power We Entrust. IT IS ROCKET SCIENCE. GOD BLESS ALL HIS CREATION.

  • Ah the descendant of not one but two Slave Owning Families, not surprised...

  • Dude the story was fake. They're all fake until my tv later admits they're real. Kamala using paid child actors is like a kid with a porkchop around their neck so that the family dog will play with them.

  • This is hilarious. How on earth did Harris even get through high school?

  • Kamala Harris is the fake Vice President. US does not have a competent person who performs duties as Vice President.

  • That video is the sort of crap America has been feeding to the world for decades.fake.people of the world don't want to listen or watch fake crap which is staged and edited.from the UK,this happy go lucky,light at the end of the tunnel bollocks doesn't wash anymore.thankyou president trump for highlighting the mockingbird media's and some sort of truth...

  • love how they outsource acting jobs to canada the government is real good about giving our tax dollars to foreign entities.

  • They're not even American actors???!!

  • great representation of American children there. Wow, the hypocrisy never ends. Yet those with their eyes closed, remain so.


  • Are we to believe that there are zero real kids, not actors, that are curious about space? Harris is the a master of the unforced error.

  • It is doubt full she and her mom comes from a Brahmin family....mmmm very fishy......she is fake....

  • What's up with the turquois earrings?

  • Fake like the rest of the administration. Big surprise. Biden has a fake white house press conference room. Pathetic.

  • Cringe above and beyond maximum level!!!

  • As fake as Bret he thinks he is a Journalist but we all saw that’s not true.

  • If she owned the boarder issue she would have to state that Trump had it right. Hey American wake up we all elected a group of bozos which don’t have a clue on what to do with anything.

  • Some where at some time someone said, what a great idea.

  • I haven’t supported or have had faith in politician since before 2001. I think the last one I really liked and thought was a good man was Reagan and I was a child.

  • All politicians use actors! This is nothing new.

  • Caca hairs is a joke

  • Harris is a joke!

  • She's really excited about INDOCTRINATING "the young mind"

  • Everything these people do is fake other than destroying the country

  • No, it’s more like the thick of it

  • The fake enthusiasm was obvious. So far in over her head, the administration has to plan photo ops, use actors, build fake back drops, and rely on teleprompters to fake their way through 4 years.

    • Hard to believe we’re only 20% through this Presidency……

  • The should change their message from “Build Back Better” to Sinking Ship

  • "They're" really squatting in the white house and the government really isn't doing anything about it.

  • She’s a Horrible VP She needs to “eXpLoRe tHe uNkNoWn” the Fk OUTA OFFICE! IMPEACH THEM

  • Crisis communication Queen

  • She's boring Nuf said

    • why she say ExPlOrE tHe uNkNoWn like dat 😂😂😂😂

  • So fake and cringy but like everything with this administration, they have to pay for support.

  • Giving them food and drink and paying for their transportation is not making them paid actors.

  • C R I N G E!

  • Talk about the multiple Forensic audits in multiple States. We need to hear all evidence. We need clean, purged Voter Rolls, ballot Voter canvassing. Grassroots movements to events to educate voters, HS seniors & College students on campuses. Patriotic Citizens getting involved with City Clerks to work races, count ballots, observe, Election Boards, School Boards, Health Boards. Local, District & State levels. More Conservative Teachers all grades & College/University Professors too

  • This is faker than WWE

  • I just threw up a little in my mouth. Empty Suit Unlikeable Joker Hyena.

  • You made a false statement Harris wasn’t given the job to protect the border the entire administration had a completely planned out the border would be unprotected they just put her in front of it to look bad but this is all planned out to have open bordersYou have to know that by now