Pelosi has already delivered the line of the week: Concha

Fox News contributor Joe Concha calls out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for urging the media to advocate on behalf of Democrats' Build Back Better plan.

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  • I'm going out today and buy a ranch and yacht. For ZERO Dollars!!! What a sad joke!!

  • Ice cream and vodka softens the brain. Especially true for angry corrupt fossils.

  • Nancy Pelosi is insane, senile, un-american, and skimming taxes to fill her bank accounts, and guilty of manipulating Congress to benefit her and her husband's personal investments. And she does this so openly and easily traceable, it proves how evil she is. Hey Nancy, how much of this 3.5 Trillion money will benefit you and your family's personal investments?


  • Family medical leave... climate new, uh, what? What was that?

  • Pelosi is so delusional. It lives in its own little world. Communist COWARD lier.

  • That means the media is in cahoots with a democratic stupidity charge the media with dereliction of Duty that they're not for America they are for idiots well they're idiots to look how they talk say a bunch of s*** in this all wrong let's lock them up America they will get it right then all of them even that dumbass Don Lemon He's a hypocrite.

  • Let's go Brandon!

  • This is proof that Nancy Pelosi can no longer do her job as speaker of the house, she now want fake news media do it for her. Well America does this show news media is fake, because Nancy Pelosi now want them do it for her? Spread the word about a bill that will fail America people and when it fail, the news media will be the blame not Nancy Pelosi. (Veteran)

  • We cant even remember issues

  • Every time she speaks I hear Charlie Browns parents. Wah Wha. Wha Wha Wha

  • Pelosi should spend her own millions! then, she maybe will understand how it all works, "ofcourse" money will grow back up in her bank accounts, she should try it first with her own money, but I am pretty sure she guards her millions $$$ very well.! She really thinks Americans are stupid!! 🤔?🤔?🤔?

  • The reporters are even smart enough not to push this bill this agenda is ridiculous for Americans.

  • Ha! Nancy & whatever she's espousing is rotting to the core @like her camouflage turkey neck!

  • She’s so sold on herself it’s just ugly. 😞


  • If they can arrest Martha Stewart they can arrest Nancy Pelosi for the same thing insider trading how come they haven't done it?

  • She knows that the media is their propaganda arm, and doesn't understand why they aren't able to brainwash everyone!

  • Sale your lies???????

  • Ít is not fox News!!! Í Fake News !!!

  • 0:25 Pelosi , "I go through the list, .. 1/ Family medical leave.... 2/ Climate, a, ..the, ...the, ... the other issues that are in there, It's HER bill, and she's NO idea what's in it either .... her brain's just a Train wreck !!!

  • Can she just go away…..permanently?

  • She forgot the press does not work for the government

  • Disaster (end times )help us God 🙏 love your work Sean 👍

  • Yes let's spend trillions and trillions of dollars when we contribute 1% of the pollution to the world and China contributes 28% by spending $5 trillion dollars how much will the planets temperature be lowered? Exactly zero


  • We need a law against bills that exceed a reasonable amount of pages, Their should be a required limit on how many "issues" that can be addressed in a single bill!! NO MORE 1000 PAGE BILLS!

  • This is a perfect comment, It strips any doubt of the media's job as the propaganda arm of the DNC!!! Not to mention she stopped herself before she spilled the actual contents of this psychosis filled shitshow bill!! Its so extreme they want even tell the truth of whats in it!

  • We always end up paying. No way are the democrats make the rich pay for anything.

  • Every time that they test your rocket, or send one up in space from SpaceX or NASA or wherever, how much rocket fuel is that putting out into the Earth and eating up the ozone?

  • If they are no longer objective journalists, shouldn't their protections under journalistic regulations be revoked? Shouldn't they be officially and legally re-cast as propaganda, or commercials, or PACs? Can we stop calling them journalists? That is an official title with specific privileges. Otherwise, it's like impersonating a Doctor or other legally recognized, credentialed professional. They are not accountable. They spread lies and are not the free press the constitution calls for. We need an actual Press Core. Let's abolish the FAKE NEWS. They should be fined for libel and destroying careers. It's not funny anymore. There is s good reason for the 9th commandment.

  • I think you should quit drinking……… and go F***ING AWAY……… you dim witted C***!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go Brandon………!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unreal that this lunatic along with Biden convinced all the liberals to vote for them. As republicans, we need to come together and educate the ignorant liberals and stop making these mistakes that costs us all.

  • Let's go brandon and Friends!!!

  • She has no clue does she?

  • Oh dear Lord! What a farce. What a fleecing of the masses. I wish I was still in my young state of mind, before taking the red pill…

  • as if the media didn't do ENOUGH for the democrat party!!! absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! HYSTERICAL!

  • I'm not buying

  • I don't believe she didn't mention Trumps name one time. Oh it's Fox News fault now.

  • Nancy is DELUSIONAL. She thinks she's the queen!

  • We on your side not Trump and the Rich

  • If this insane bill was a good idea, then it would sell itself. No amount of spin or lies can protect that garbage.

  • Every time the USA has spent and/or borrowed ridiculous amounts because of pure greed and ineptitude destroying the economy Pelosi has been front and centre. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Biden she has been stood behind them upon its signing.

  • The Media should be telling the American people what is actually in the Bill. Not the talking points, but the Socialist/Green new deal spending programs, which will bankrupt America for years to come..

  • She doesn't have a clue

  • Spawn of Satan

  • Just stop for a second and just look and listen to this God awful person in charge of our country.

  • Ronald Reagan: “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.” I’d take it a step further by saying the majority of them have unmedicated and undiagnosed mental illness… led to retardation!

  • Flatulent Nancy. Narcissist Nancy.

  • She's stealing the people's money!

  • Let's implement a bunch of legislation, restrictions and mechanisms of control whos consequences will have effects on the next 100 years just so a few democrat zombies like Pelosi (who won't be alive in the next decade) can further their political agenda and achievements...

  • Vampirella turning on the monster she helped create…

  • Pelosi dresses really well. Unlike the president, she takes reporter questions

  • Hey Nancy, why don't you talk about the unnecessary items in the bill ($25 million for butterflies, $20 billion to Talibon, $80 billion to expand IRS to spy on bank accounts, $ for gender confusion, $8 billion for climate police, $643 million for culturally appropriate foods, free college for illegal immigrants to name a few)that has nothing to do with making America great? How about telling the truth about pre-k child care. Caregivers must have a college degree and demand salary increase which will increase child care expenses. In addition. Faith based pre-k are not eligible.

  • “It’s The Math.” No wonder it is no longer required to score high in math.

  • We remind Americans to speed up purchasing! Or you'll come home empty handed during Christmas season!

  • Shes alsays acts like shes just done a bump of coke

  • Three thumbs down


  • she coked out

  • Times are tough, DNC had to lay off 25 journalists.

  • Have a heart to heart with Pelosi about the Corona virus bet she knows much more than many do........

  • There will be justice for your treachery nancy You and the rest of the congress good for nothing deadweights

  • Why don't Nancy let the American deside What they want

  • Pelosi: Minister of Propaganda

  • Wow you news reporters how many times you gonna get slapped in the face before you realize how the Democratic Party is using you as a little pons.

  • Infiltrate the country, then infiltrate the government! That’s how you take over a country

  • You're saying that they're given pay pay loans to get businesses back people who's working more probable stub no reason why you work to benefit them was benefiting the government making employment rates go up

  • I just a different sections and statues throughout law and Medical need are in legal need and how some people can use certain methods to make private propaganda kind of hard to hit fund to set up hedge fund308 million dollar Surplus

  • She look like she welting away

  • So it's confirm the media is paid propaganda by the government. So then this means Biden is full of it people just like his admin and lord fauci. Let's take our country back from corporate America people. America is for the people not corporate America.

  • Speaker of the House and she can’t even make a coherent statement. Time to RETIRE!

  • The media is already the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, better step it up before Ms.Nancy gets pissed, slackers!

  • F**k. Pigloser

  • Who didn't no the media was trash leftist propaganda ?

  • We need a 'Let's Go Brandon' chant for Pelosi. Let's work on it.

  • I think we all need to do a better job on unity and vote these people out. Obama era sucked but we all still got to do what we wanted.

  • Ok…so what has to be done to get her fired ? Tired of HEARING reports of how corrupt Dems are. WE ALL KNOW.

  • She is insane.

  • Do you remember digging your way out of debt. Or maybe we have to sign this so we can find out what is in it. Or another good one if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor

  • Prez knows nothing...took care of mom...Biden is a very mentally sick man!!! He is NOT running this country!

  • Then why is the package so comprehensive, it's full of garbage, toss the garbage, trim it down to roads bridges, water treatment, you know the (true) definition of real infrastructure.

  • If the government is asking the media to do a better job at selling something for them than that tells you that they have become strong arm for them to push and spin and work for their interests for some kind of pay off. The media’s job again... is to be impartial and give the information as it comes along, without any kind of bias and than let the American people decipher and do what they will with the information.

  • Media shouldn't be selling anything. They should report the factual truth and nothing else.



  • To funny she was going to rant off a list and lost focus after 2 things. Why are we the people represented by geriatric people who should be in nursing homes?

  • She's been hitting the bottle again

  • They need to stop trying to sell us all this stuff we don't want!

  • What a dog, this broad is an idiot and Californians are the stupidest idiots to keep voting for this putz, and unfortunately I’m born and raised Californian looking for my moment to get the hell out of hades

  • Amazimg how she doesn't even try to hide it anymore. She obviously believes that she is above the law.

  • The Media has nothing left to prostrate themselves on ! She should be calling for Zuckerbergs help again ! 🤮

  • Let's raid and into her .. multi-millionaire.. homes.

  • Hey Nancy! News flash! It's not the media's job to promote your agenda! It's their job, with unbias, to tell the public what is going on in their community & the world.

  • 'advanced playoff tickets for the Jets' Savage...and really funny.

  • You are right Sean, I believe Joe Concha should have his own show on fox too!

  • Pelosi stop sucking on your false teeth, and get a life, we're tired of paying your salary, give it up and your big mansions

  • Don't fall for something the corrupt Government came up with! Build back better isn't what it sounds like! Ask the Government why they haven't been doing anything good the last 50 years with money they have had to get things done for this country!!!! And ask how career politician's have gotten so rich!!!!! These corrupt politicians are not working for you!!!!! Just listen to Nancy Pelosi answer that question! Does she sound like she cares if the American people know what's in the corrupt politicians spending bill!!! No! She just needs it passed so they have more control of the American people! And that is the middle class and down!!!! One of the things in the bill is Government seeking every 600 dollar purchases! Wake up people! They are not worried about the rich paying taxes, because that is who the corrupt politicians work for!!!!!

  • Seems we have idiots running the show. But that's sadly not the case. Bought and paid for all of them.